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SEM is the abbreviation given to Search Engine Marketing, the term meaning the marketing strategies you can employ on search engines (Google, Bing etc) to drive traffic to your website.

When it comes to SEM, there are two main ways that you can get traffic to your site – Paid or Organic.

The difference between paid and organic traffic is simple. Paid traffic requires working out what search terms your customers are searching and then paying to appear when they make those searches. This is also known as Pay Per Click or PPC. We explain below the pros and cons.

Organic traffic means that your website is appearing in search results when someone makes a relevant search, and you don’t pay a cent when someone clicks on it. Having a great website is only the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is driving qualified visitors to your website.

Most people start their search for a new product or service on a search engine, with a high percentage of people using Google. If you are not positioned on Google with SEO or PPC, you are missing out on a lot of business!

Our recommended strategy is to start with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure all technical aspects of your website are handled including Google Webmaster Tools being installed on your website, and ensuring your site has been successfully submitted to Google via a sitemap. We will then implement a range of SEO strategies to incrementally increase traffic to your website. This is however a slow burn marketing approach. It can take 3-4 months to see results of any real note. Later, we recommend PPC strategies. If you do SEO first, you will get a better result than without. However if you have an urgent need to gain visibility on search engines, of occasion we will jump straight to PPC strategies.

A top organic (SEO) ranking will achieve up to a 20-30% CTR, and a top paid (PPC) ranking with achieve up to a 15% CTR. But
combining a top listing in both organic and paid, has an exponential affect. Rather then A + B, a combination of both strategies will see
you achieving a 20-30% bigger portion of the pie. We’ll drink to that!

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Pay Per Click (PPC):

As a Google Certified Partner, we work with Adwords to setup and manage Pay Per Click campaigns to drive traffic to your website.


  •  Fast to implement – Reap the benefits of traffic to your site immediately
  •  Better quality leads – visitors have intent because they have specifically searched for products or services that you sell.
  •  Control this like a tap – turn it on and off as you need leads/sales
  •  Control how much you spend – direct more of your budget to keywords that convert more leads/sales.
  •   You can ensure that your website appears at the top of ads for a specific search


  •   You’re always going to paying for this traffic as long as you have a campaign. It works on a bid system, and you can expect to pay anywhere between $1 or $100 for a click. We can give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay once we have done an Adwords feasibility for you.
  •   Ads that appear at the top of the search results generally get a lower CTR (Click thru rate) as opposed to organic search results.

The Creative Collective has been operating on Google Adwords since 2007. As a Google Certified Partner, our team is highly experienced in the building and management of search campaigns using Google Adwords. You might go as far to say, it’s like we have a degree in Google! For businesses new to Adwords, we offer a free Adwords spend credit, conduct a feasibility for quoting purposes, build your campaign and manage it, ensuring maximum ROI for your spend.


SEO (Organic rankings)

The way to achieve organic traffic is to engage in Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of optimising your website for specific keywords and terms that your customers are searching. This is a highly technical process – there are hundreds of factors that search engines take into account when working out where to rank your website for a keyword of phrase.


  •  Once in an advantageous position, it’s much easier to maintain that position. Once your website has been optimised, you will continue (in the most part, though some fluctuation is expected) to benefit for a long period of time.
  •  You don’t pay a cent when someone clicks on your organic listing in search results
  •  Organic search results are perceived more creditable and generally will benefit from a higher CTR (Click thru rate).
  •  Usually with SEO, even if we focus on 1 keyword, variations of that keyword will often benefit.


  •  This is a longer term strategy – short term investment for long term gain. You shouldn’t expect to commence an SEO strategy and get immediate results. Results can take anywhere from 3 – 12 months depending on how competitive your industry is online.
  • Less control over what keywords or phrases that you rank for – We can target particular keywords, but sometimes there’s variations of that which Google ranks high

What worked 10 years ago in SEO, didn’t work five years ago, and what worked five years ago could get you blacklisted today. SEO is a constantly changing environment and so it’s critical that you trust someone that knows what they are doing. The Creative Collective has been working in the SEO space since the mid 2000’s and we regularly engage in ongoing learning to ensure we are at the forefront of SEO strategies.



What to watch out for:

  • Redeveloping your website? Meticulous care needs to be given to SEO, or your rankings may plummet. Talk to us, if your web developer hasn’t considered this. We have built hundreds, if not thousands of websites and ensuring your SEO data is in tact on your new site is absolutely critical.
  • You might be tempted to manage an Adwords account yourself, but take our word for it – It’s possible to be a big leaking bucket of $$ if you don’t know what you’re doing. We have a track record in turning around results on campaigns that businesses otherwise thought were ok.
  • If engaging someone to manage your Adwords, ensure they are a certified partner – this is your tick of approval to ensuring that they work to Google Adwords best practices and you also have peace of mind knowing that to maintain their partner status, they have to sit exams every year. Would you trust a non-accountant to do your business tax? No? Then don’t trust just anyone to manage your Adwords or SEO for that matter.
  • It’s highly recommended to up skill in SEO so that you can be SEO aware when creating content etc. However, there is a highly technical element to this, and hundreds of factors which affect the Google Search Algorithm. If you are serious about improving your rankings, engage an SEO professional to get you there, and support that through an ongoing knowledge of SEO, content creation and ability to ensure that you can maintain those rankings in the future.
  • Many media companies who used to be in the business of print and traditional media claim to have moved into digital. Whilst the services offered give you a presence, you are effectively getting something very basic for your spend. Before you sign anything, get a second opinion from an SEO professional.


Be assured that our Search Engine Marketing consultants are experts in their field and that better still, we’ll be professional, but fun to work with!

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“We’ve been working with The Creative Collective for 12 months now and have been very happy with the results from the campaigns they have managed for us. The team are very professional and easy to deal with.”

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I’m a small business owner and have been working with The Creative Collective for over 18 months now. Over this time, with there expert advice on all things marketing, they’ve helped grow my business from humble beginnings to something to be proud of. I hate think we’re I’d be without Kat and her team of tech heads! 100% recommendation for any business new or old!

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“Would highly recommend The Creative Collective. We own a small dental practice in NSW and The Creative Collective have been instrumental for all our social media and paid advertising and SEO needs. Easy to work with, very informative and regular feedback regarding ads/campaigns. We’ve been working together for the past 12 months and I’m sure this winning relationship will continue for the foreseeable future.