Award Submissions

The Creative Collective’s sister company help people win business awards through the preparation of professional business award submissions!
business award submission

The Creative Collective’s sister company have an excellent track record in preparing business award submissions having successfully applied for, and either won, or become a finalist, in numerous business awards ourselves, but also in achieving success in this area for our clients.

We often recommend the entering of business awards as a combined marketing strategy for our clients, and work closely with our sister company to meet client objectives.

How it all works.

We can assist you prepare your next business award submission by:

  • Identifying potentially suitable local, regional, national, international and industry specific awards programs.
  • Writing your awards application from scratch and submitting to you for review.
  • Reviewing any awards applications you may have put together for spelling, grammar, presentation, ensuring it meets criteria etc and returning to you for submission.
  • Collating your business awards submissions i.e. design features, ensuring it meets criteria, makes the deadline etc.

The price of a business award submission is dependent on the business award program and category you wish to enter.

Contact us with the business award program and category you wish to enter to obtain an estimate.

Don’t know what awards you could enter? Check out our partner site