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Public Relations is a hugely powerful, yet often overlooked form of marketing. At The Creative Collective, we’re huge fans of PR and we’ve had a lot of success with it, achieving extensive media coverage for ourselves and our clients. In short, we walk our talk.

As an experienced PR company with established media contacts and media software which maintains these contacts and alerts us to new opportunities, we are well aware of what it takes to achieve coverage so we are quite selective of who we will accept as PR clients. In short, unless we think we can get you coverage, we won’t take you on as a client.

Our team have PR experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ having worked in the media in various locations around the world, and conducting PR campaigns for a wide range of companies.

We’ve also conducted media training and handled media liaison on sometimes sensitive issues. Some of our team have degrees in Public Relations, Event Management or PR related areas.

As a PR company we tailor our PR services to PR campaigns and clients. Since 2007 we have been offering an extensive range of other complimentary marketing services, giving you the opportunity to engage in a combination of design, web and marketing services to suit your objectives, target market, budget and more to make your PR campaign successful.

Importantly our PR pitches will not contain washed out values, impersonal terminology, deliberately ambiguous, unachievable goal setting and cliched generalisms. That kind of sleepy corporate banter is not for us.

Instead we’ll deliver top notch, hit ’em between the eyes powerful paragraphs that get media and strategic alliances to stand up and notice!

Should you wish to discuss your PR requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our PR Services

We work with you on your PR activities differently depending on your unique needs, providing you with the maximum amount of flexibility. These options break down into one of the following key areas:


PR Strategy

Want the opportunity to sit down with a professional to discuss what angles you could pitch to the media?

What makes you marketable? 

Many businesses have seen the benefit of sitting down with one of our highly experienced PR specialists for an initial one-off consult or have us work with them to develop a PR strategy including target media and newsworthy angles to pitch to the target media.

PR Campaigns

Want to run a PR campaign to launch or promote a product, event, service, person, company or something else?

We have extensive local, national and even international PR campaign experience and are more than happy to work on a project basis by being engaged for a one off campaign, or several PR campaigns over the course of the year.

We can assist you over a short or longer term campaign and advise you on the best duration.

PR Retainers

Need someone who has your back and represents you on an ongoing basis?

Yes you could go ahead and hire someone full time, but you’ll pay a significant amount in salary and they may not be as they appear on their resume.

If you are really serious about getting in the media on a regular basis, and working with a team of PR specialists who live and breathe this stuff, you’d be far better to contract The Creative Collective as your publicist.

pr campaign

Media Training 

Want to learn how to deal with the media? We are called on to run consults (small groups of 1-3 people) and group training for many corporate organisations requiring media training for themselves or their team.

We have dedicated resources in the form of slide decks and workbooks which can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs i.e. crisis communications, product launch, general commentary etc.

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Our Public Relations (PR) Services Case Studies

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