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Planning to launch a new website? If you have a history on the search engines, you’ll also want to factor in a SEO site migration!

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Why you need to consider an SEO site migration plan!

If you have a reasonably sized website (say 10-20 pages or more), with some reasonable history (say two plus years), and are looking at planning a new website, we would strongly recommend you consider an SEO site migration plan. This is to ensure your new website, which may look lovely, doesn’t fall off a cliff from a technical and search engine perspective.

An SEO migration is when a technical specialist performs a range of tasks using professional industry software in the planning phase of a new website. This includes identifying how many pages the old or current website has, how many are already indexed by the search engines, how visible the current site is, how the site currently ranks on Google and for what keywords, and what words it could potentially rank for in the future. 

Consideration is then given to the new planned website pages, and thereafter a SEO site migration plan is mapped out, indicating whether any old pages will cease to exist but will be redirected (called a 301 redirect), which page will continue to exist but have a new URL (also requiring a 301 redirect), or which page will continue to exist and maintain the same URL. Ever consultative, we will liaise with you to ensure that you agree with our approach before it is rolled out.

Once your new website goes live, we will ensure the SEO migration plan is executed perfectly, and monitor the new site carefully each week and month from an SEO and technical perspective using our professional software. This includes providing regular reports on the new website’s performance, and how the roll out of the plan is going.  This can be a great help for teams needing to explain to management or board what the impact of the new site is, and explain it to them with hard data.

The aim of our involvement in your new website launch overall, is to ensure the new website has the best possible chance of succeeding once it goes live from an SEO perspective. If executed well, your new website should perform much better than its predecessor. If executed poorly, you could end up with status code errors, negatively impacted SEO performance, and website visitors who have a poor experience.

The big benefit of working with The Creative Collective on your SEO site migration is that we have a team of both Web Specialists and SEO specialists, both of whom are experienced in designing and executing SEO site migrations and who work closely together at all times. If you have any other questions about our SEO site migration service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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