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Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery is a Not for Profit based in Sydney, who empower people to help themselves and each other manage addictive behaviours for the improvement of the health and social well being of the community. The first SMART Recovery group started in the USA in 1994 and SMART Recovery commenced in Australia in 2004. They became an independent non-profit organisation in 2007, and expanded the scope of their program to all addictions, and go nationwide.

In August 2022, the new CEO reached out in the lead up to a conference, seeking to partner with an agency who could prepare some marketing collateral. We commenced with creating business cards (which they had never had), flyers, tshirts and wristbands whilst modernising and unifying the use of the brand across all assets.

The organisation had never had an annual report professionally prepared, and did not have a cohesive marketing strategy, nor the capabilities inhouse to execute on effective marketing. Having provided the initial conference collateral and annual report, we next conducted an in-depth marketing strategy session and audited all of the organisation’s marketing assets.

We strategised a bespoke service package to become the official Smart Recovery marketing agency, effectively becoming the organisation’s outsourced marketing department, on a fixed monthly retainer. This innovative model suits NFPs to a tee, as it allows the client to access our multidisciplinary team, at a fraction of the cost of hiring multiple marketing professionals with all the on costs of in-house staff, whilst having a positive impact on the wider community.

We also identified that there was huge potential for their organisation given the large and growing number of keyword searches related to their offerings, and having also analysed their competitors in the marketplace.

Working together ever since as the official Smart Recovery marketing agency, we have been focused on building the organisation’s awareness, increasing traffic to their website, and ultimately getting more clients to enquire or engage with their offerings including services, programs and events, carefully measuring each month on the impact of our activities.

Tactics deployed to achieve results as the Smart Recovery marketing agency include:

  • Social Media Content – We currently prepare a content calendar a month in advance, in full consultation with the client. The content created is then published on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • PR / copywriting – We are regularly generating press releases around Government funding, grants and awards they are receiving that go back into their community to make an impact and distribute these. We have featured in high profile publications such as Sydney Morning Herald, as well as more regional and more locally focussed publications.
  • SEO – We have achieved a 100% increase in Google Organic and Google Local keyword rankings. An 87% site health score, drastically improved from 70%, a 66% reduction in bounce rate (how quickly a visitor leaves the page), which all resulted in an increase in organic traffic from 4.5k visits per month in January to 10k organic visits in the month of March.
  • Meta Ads & LinkedIn Ads – We currently run 4 ad groups (2 campaigns on each platform), and spend $1,700 per month, plus a media spend of $1,500 across Meta and Linkedin.
  • Graphic Design – We continue to perform graphic design work as required by the client which is fairly regular given they often engage with people face to face and require marketing collateral and merchandise to hand out to them in person. There are many examples of them needing quite specific collateral for quite unique environments including offering training and outreach in youth centres and prison environments with new SMART facilitators, who in turn seek to address addiction so when inmates leave they are empowered and equipped with new skills.
  • Web Maintenance / Updates – We are responsible for performing maintenance and updates on the website to continue to improve the website’s performance. We also worked extensively on an SEO migration plan as the organisation launched a new website.

We hold regular WIP meetings internally with the team from The Creative Collective working on the account at and with the client to provide monthly reports and commentary.

We have set up an accessible and transparent work in progress board that the client can make real time requests and adjustments to ensure new requests are briefed in a timely manner without the need for meetings or phone calls. 

Marketing agency results to date include:

  • 47% growth in revenue for its training, (from $170K to $250K) and to be booked out 3 months in advance
  • Scaled from 200 support groups to 223 groups (11% growth)
  • Trained 500 Facilitators up from 399 last year (25% growth)
  • 2,000 certificates of attendance for criminal justice proceedings to divert people away from Criminal Justice.
  • Achieved better financial stability as an organisation having been able to present more professionally and therefore secure more Government funding including $500K Recurring Federal Government Funding for 2 years, $50K NSW Government Youth Meetings, $50K Newcastle Charitable Foundation Partnership with Lifeline and $40K ACT Government LGBTIQ Meetings
  • More strategic partnerships achieved including those with Lives Lived Well, Hello Sunday Morning, Turning Point, Salvation Army, Clean Slate Clinic, OARS Community Transitions, Lifeline, Tribal Warrior Association and Food2Work.

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