Lydia Kirn Real Estate – SEO & social media management

Lydia Kirn Real Estate – SEO & social media management

Lydia Kirn Real Estate is a boutique agency selling lifestyle properties in Twin Waters on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. They pride themselves for having outstanding personal service, excellent negotiating skills and attention to detail. With their expert understanding of building, design and the local lifestyle, Lydia Kirn Real Estate have achieved an unparalleled string of record sales in recent years.

After completing an SEO audit for the team at Lydia Kirn Real Estate, The Creative Collective identified the issues and objectives and commenced with ongoing SEO services.

Having proven ourselves with the SEO activities the team at Lydia Kirn Real Estate saw the value in us assisting with their ongoing social media management on one of our Standard Posting + Boosting packages involving 4-5 posts per week with basic Facebook boosting. We have since reimagined and redesigned their brand style guide, assisted in the design of other digital marketing materials, provided basic Canva training and have become the client’s go to trusted advisor when they are seeking strategic marketing advice. All of these additional services were provided to the client free of charge and worked into their existing package.

Results inside six months include:

  • 114% Facebook follower growth with an approximate monthly growth of 5%.
  • Often up to 1500% increase in daily post reach. Monthly post reach has grown by 3700%
  • Page views growth of 255%
  • A steady increase in Facebook engagement. Engagement growth sits at 1188%.
  • Total account reach grew by 1090% (Monthly growth was 112%)
  • Impressions grew by 246% (Monthly growth was 139%)
  • Total account activity (website and profile clicks) grew by 226% (Monthly growth was 130%)

“When we decided to outsource the majority of our social media work, Claire quickly established herself as a vital and invaluable member of our small team. Working independently and just with a few basic guidelines, she raised the bar of our social media presence to new heights and a professional level where we now enjoy an amount of engagements and positive comments on facebook and instagram that we never ever dreamt of before. Claire combines a friendly, engaging personality with a creative mind, always coming up with new ideas, fresh designs and altogether better ways to promote our business. From day one, she understood the character and philosophy of our boutique real estate agency, which made our working relationship easy, pleasant and effective. Claire does what she does and the less we interfere, the better the outcome is. We can’t wait for her next posts and we hope to continue our successful partnership!”

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