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We have videographers in a wide range of locations across Australia ready to work with you!

We all know video is the most powerful form of creative available. Whilst you can give it a go yourself, if you want to take your creative assets to the next level you should be engaging a professional videographer and through us you can get access to a range of them.

Whether you need some new videos to add to your website, impress audiences on your social media channels, get people clicking on your email marketing campaigns, Facebook or Google ads or otherwise, videos will showcase your products, people, premises and more in a way no other format can.

The Creative Collective offer a range of videography packages to complement our other digital marketing services.

Get us to arrange the right videographer for you, so you have the creative you need, or tag one of these services on to one of our social media packages or photography services without finding and qualifying a range of suppliers. It certainly saves time!

Our team of videographers can help you with everything from video shoots of products, events, lifestyle, real estate and more.

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Our Videography Services


Do you have an event or launch coming up? Have you considered making an event video trailer to let your prospective attendees know what your event will be all about and why they should come.

To give an example of an event trailer we have prepared for a client, when not for profit organisation Fearless were looking to hold their first ever national conference on PTSD on the Sunshine Coast from we suggested creating an emotive video that would get people thinking about the topic of PTSD and to become aware of the opportunity to attend or get involved in the upcoming conference.

The project involved creating one main script for the organisation and producing a 1 minute + 30 second + 10 second edit video, and with some small tweaks, repurposed the same content and added a different outro to make the video also be suitable for use for the conference trailer, also produced with a 1 minute + 30 second + 10 second edit. Through this careful scripting and the use of stock video, we kept costs down for this not for profit organisation, whilst producing a professional output.


With talent being hard to secure at times, we are seeing a growing trend towards clients wishing to produce a video showcasing their workplace, their culture and what makes them an attractive place to work and the impact their work has.

One example of this sort of work was a video we produced for Community Solutions. “CommSol” as they are known in the industry are a community service organisation and registered NDIS provider delivering a diverse range of disability supports, community wellbeing programs, employment, apprenticeship and traineeship services to individuals and families throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

We produced six x 3 minute videos to promote their Regional Business networks and to highlight the benefits of hiring their staff.


The Creative Collective have attended many events and been the official videographer. This includes business awards nights, brand and product launches, Christmas parties, social events, corporate events and much more.

We have videographers based all over Australia who can attend your event for just a small part of the agenda, or the entire event, subject to your budget and requirements. Some clients combine our videography services with photography services and live social media posting to further amplify the event.

An example of an event we were responsible for the video output on was the Asia Pacific Stevie Awards in Sydney one year. We arranged one of our Sydney based videographers to attend the evening business awards function and capture everything from the networking, the event entertainment, the on stage speeches and vox pops with winners of awards after each category was announced.

Watch an example of our event videography here – vox pops at the Asia Pacific Stevie Awards.


Want to get some birds eye perspective on your property site, premises, crops, or other location using a drone? How about a fly through a property or location and creating a virtual tour to showcase your business.

Drone videos and virtual tours are common place now and take your video output from amateur to professional level.

Whether you need a quick run through of a property or some footage combined with videography shot from on the ground to really showcase something, we are happy to bring in our specialist drone videographers where required.


We realise that not all jobs are the same and are more than happy to work with you to create a custom videography package to suit your needs. This may be because you need a multi-day shoot, help with organising talent, make up, hair, props, location scouting and more. You may want to combine some video footage with some drone footage and photography too.

As an example, Sunshine Coast based business Enhanced Living contracted us to conduct a two day photo and video shoot consisting of three locations, three photographers, a drone and booking talent to showcase their unique Theraholidays product, their premises, their clients and their people. The client now has a stable of authentic images and video content to use in all of their marketing material ongoing. Watch the video here.

Talk to us about your needs and we can design you a bespoke videography quote too.

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