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We step into the shoes of your clientele to tell them what they want to hear!

Copywriting for websites is an art. It needs to resonate with your target audience, offer solutions to their problems and communicate benefits, not just features of your service. This is further complicated by the need for it to have adequate ‘keyword density’ for SEO purposes.

In our experience, we have seen many clients become overwhelmed at the task ahead when aiming to prepare the copy for their website themselves, or suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’, wanting it to be just perfect, but in the meantime not getting their new website live. There is no need to struggle to find the right words or become overwhelmed with including SEO aspects in your copy if it is not your core skill set. At the end of the day, you are an expert in your respective field, and not a website copywriter. So it makes sense to leave the copywriting side to someone who is an actual wordsmith. They could portray you better than you ever imagined!

At The Creative Collective, we provide a professional copywriting service for website Copywriting or SEO Copywriting purposes.

Our website copywriting service suits people who:

  • Marketing Managers or Business Owners who are time-poor and struggling to find dedicated ‘chunks’ in their diary to sit down and devote to website copy
  • People who recognise the value of using experts
  • Business owners who struggle to step out of the role of ‘service provider’, and into the role of the ‘customer/client’
  • Marketing Managers, CEO’s or Business Owners who need a quick turnaround.

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Our process

1. Initial briefing session

Prior to undertaking your copywriting project, we will take the time to get to know you, your business objectives, target market, competitive landscape and desired outcomes/uses for the content. Once we understand who you are targeting, we can start to set the ‘tone and voice’ for the copy — is it corporate, is it professional but fun, is it child-like, etc?

From there, we will look at your proposed website sitemap and establish what pages require content. We will also take a look at the keyword research conducted to establish what phrases have the highest demand (this enables us to ensure we optimise for the best keywords).

Looking at your sitemap, we may also offer recommendations to how we organise the information and name the ‘sections’ to ensure this will work best for your market. I.e. if you have multiple markets, it may be best to organise content by user type — for example if you were offering after school tutoring services, you may order your information by topic, or by Parents/Teachers/Students.

The discussion items from this session make up the copywriting brief. We will then recap that brief to you post session via email for you to approve, which will be the basis from which we will work. We may ask you to provide us with additional supporting documentation such as old copy, competitors etc.

2. Research and provision of a draft

Once the brief is locked down, our copywriters will get to work on your website copy. Usually we start with a holistic look at what your competitors are doing, and also what similar businesses are doing here and afar. We call this phase ‘inspiration gathering’. In this step, we’ll really get to know the service offering.

With research conducted, it’s time to get writing.

We don’t plagarise, and there’s no ‘copy + paste’. Our writers start from scratch writing unique copy for your business which is on-brand, resonates with your market and communicates all the key info. This website copy will also be written in a way that it subtly builds your keyword density for SEO purposes. Once copy has been prepared, it will be provided to you for review — we generally ask you to read through the copy and make sure it is ‘technically’ correct when it comes to your service offering, and to let us know if there is anything you would like reworked/amended.

3. Provision of final website copy!

Once you have reviewed the copy, we will finalise this based on your feedback and provide 2 finished versions for your use — a clean copy, and an additional copy showing ‘mark-up’. If we are also providing your web development, a copy of this will also be provided to to the web team allocated to your web project.

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