Do you need an ecommerce website with the ability to sell online? Shopify is a robust platform to sell just one item, a few items or even hundreds of items online. As a Shopify Partner, we can build a Shopify website to suit your needs.

Does your current ecommerce website need an upgrade but you don’t want to invest a fortune? Are you a startup and need to get a quality ecommercewebsite up without costing the earth? Do you need a new mobile responsive ecommerce website to make sure you can rank on Google and enjoy sales from the majority of users who reviews sites on mobile?

Our company disrupted the website industry in 2013 when we started offering kick arse website design and developments, including eCommerce websites which are mobile responsive, at an extremely affordable price.

People are constantly astounded at how their vision for their eCommerce website becomes a reality right before their eyes either in person working from our Sunshine Coast or Newcastle office or online – as we complete these ecommerce web sites projects for clients around the world.


What is an eCommerce website?

Electronic commerce, commonly written as e-commerce or eCommerce, is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet or online social networks. We generally build ecommerce websites on WordPress using WooCommerce, or Shopify.

For years website designers and website development companies have tackled eCommerce websites in the same manner. Take a brief. Start the build. Send the client a link to review. Get feedback. Request content from the client. The eCommerce website develops some more. But overall the process could easily take a few weeks, often a few months. And in the meantime you’re not online and you’re most certainly not selling.

Clients would get frustrated at how long it would take. Agencies would get frustrated at clients who didn’t supply the content and delayed the project. Clients would get upset about the eCommerce website not looking like or doing what they had hoped for. Agencies would get frustrated about clients who kept moving the goal posts in terms of what they wanted.

Our eCommerce website packages address all of these issues and more.

How does the eCommerce website build process work?

Our entire eCommerce website process is streamlined into four key stages:


Using this simple 4 step method, The Creative Collective has developed hundreds of websites and have managed to fine-tune the process of a website build into two eight hour periods (830am – 430pm) for an eCommerce website featuring up to 20 basic product options. Working either along side our teams at our Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Newcastle offices, OR on Skype (we’ve worked with clients all around the world many times over in this matter), alongside an allocated project manager, a lead web developer and a support web developer, you will be amazed at what can be achieved in just two days.

Using either the world’s most popular website platform WordPress or Shopify, both of which clients can easily self manage after handover, we lean on a variety of available plug ins (in terms of WordPress) or add ons (in terms of Shopify) integrating these with the website to achieve the clients desired functionality including whatever features and functionality have been agreed on during the briefing.

Is your ECommerce Website for me?
  • Do you need a eCommerce website in a hurry?
  • Do you have a set budget and can’t withstand budget blow outs?
  • Do you need a mobile responsive eCommerce website?
  • Do you want to build an eCommerce website on WordPress or Shopify?
  • Do you have a set idea of what you want and just need an experienced eCommerce team that you can work with to bring your vision to life?
  • Do you want to save on the back and forth on digital projects to get the job done with less fuss?
  • Do you want to work with experienced professionals who know what they are doing?

Then yes, this is for you!

What sorts of features and functions can my Shopify website have?

Sell anything, anywhere

With our Shopify eCommerce websites, you can sell both physical and digital goods in all shapes and sizes, offer product variations, multiple configurations, and instant downloads to shoppers, and even sell affiliate goods from online marketplaces.

You can also offer bookings, memberships, and recurring subscriptions. Perhaps you’d like to sell monthly subscriptions for physical goods, or offer your members a discount on digital downloads? It’s all possible.

Ship wherever you like

Through eCommerce websites you can also offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, or make real-time calculations. Limit your shipments to specific countries, or open your store up to the world. Shipping is highly configurable, and even supports drop shipping.

Extensive payment options

Our eCommerce solutions come bundled with the ability to accept major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and other popular payment gateways such as eWay.

You control it all – forever

Our eCommerce websites give you complete control of your online store, from taxes to stock levels to customer accounts. Add and remove extensions, change your design, and switch settings as you please. It’s all under your control.


We have been known to build sites in this package as soon as the very next day. But subject to our production schedule, generally your ‘build’ day will be booked in within weeks from sign-off.


One of the biggest cost blow-outs in website development is the ongoing to and fro. By working along side you on the build day, we can keep the cost down due to cutting out the to and fro.


Don’t think for a minute that fast means compromising on design. Our portfolio will prove that the sites we build in just 1 day, are up there with some of our most beautiful work!


Let’s chat about your project


Airllywood is a “must go to destination” for locals and visitors alike in Airlie Beach. They love clothes with an edge that are also stylish and comfortable. Based in Queensland, they understand that 100% cotton is the answer for hot days and warm evenings and soft, floating kaftans make you feel special.

They carry several labels as well as designing and producing our own range of clothing. The Airllywood label is based on retro styles and resort wear and includes the Birds of Paradise Embellished Kaftans.

Their Airlie Beach shop is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm and Sundays 10 am to 3 pm and their Shopify website is open 24/7.
Have a shop here!

This Shopify site includes:

– A sale page
– Ecommerce enabled
– Last items page
– Social media icons
– Pop ups

Check it out here!



Once we are engaged, and generally within the week if you are ready to go, we will schedule a one hour appointment which can be held in person or online via Skype or Google Hangout, where we will take the time to get to know you, your business objectives, target market, competitive landscape and desired outcomes for a new website. This session will allow us to hit the ground running and will provide you with a clean checklist of everything you will need to have organised so that everything can run as efficiently and effectively on the days of the eComerce website development.

We will extract a brief of what you want your eCommerce website to look like and do, what pages it will have, what themes (look and feel) may be suitable and what you want to rank for on the search engines. We will discuss your hosting & domain selection and provide you assistance where required on any fronts. We will discuss your product range, categories, method/s of accepting payments, shipping, returns & delivery policy and more.

We will then type our discussion up and provide you with a clear debrief post this session for you to approve, which will be the basis from which we will work on the day of development.


Subject to our team’s availability and yours, we will schedule the first day to complete the eCommerce website. This day is generally dedicated to establishing the website’s look and feel, and all the static pages i.e. home, about us, contact us and any others required. First up on day 1 of the build, we will revisit the brief and introduce you to your web developers for the day. We will begin the development of the new eCommerce website straight after the briefing and work until mid morning or midday. At this point we will schedule a chat and show you how the website is shaping up. At this point it is already looking like a professional website with your brand, colour scheme and theme in place! At an opportune time we will take a short half hour lunch break and continue working until the website is completed, with regular checks with you in the afternoon to ensure we are on the right track and you are happy with your website is coming together. By 4pm – 5pm, the website is generally complete.

In short we are at your disposal for the entire duration of the day, so if a desired outcome is achieved prior to the 430pm deadline, we are happy to do whatever we can towards your business inside this time frame.



On day 2 of the eCommerce website development we will generally commence work on the eCommerce aspects of the website such as establishing the plug in or module you will use & any other associated eCommerce plug ins or add ons deemed to be required from the briefing session
We will establish your main SHOP NOW or similar page, any category pages, and then start to upload your individual products and their associated attributes i.e. colour, sizes, weights or other variants, and then associate them with the relevant category/s.  Please note you will have the ability to add unlimited categories and products yourself upon handover and training. We will then integrate your chosen gateway i.e. eWay + merchant facility or Paypal or Stripe and run some test transactions to ensure once live the site will successfully transact funds. We will finish the day by finalising any last items which require it from Day 1 or 2.



Once your new eCommerce website is complete, we will arrange a 1-2 hour training and hand over session so you can learn how to create new content and products, amend existing content and products generally make the most of your new eCommerce website. There will be a lot you can do on your own eCommerce website subject to your existing knowledge and how quickly you learn and adapt to the WordPress or Shopify system from what we teach you in this session. We do recognise that sometimes you can have a change of mind and some tweaks may be required post the website development date that you identify during or soon after this training or handover, or simply items which are not basic edits which you do require assistance to complete. We’re happy to accommodate most requests, however please note that any hours post the development day will be at an additional charge of $120 + GST.  We will quote you before starting work.


Some clients prefer to go live before their Training & Handover session, others only after this session and once they have had a chance to make some final edits. When you are ready to ‘go live’ you simply inform us, and we will then negotiate on desired timeframes and schedule this process in. This process takes us 2-4 hours to complete and includes us adding Google Analytics to your website + schedule reports, adding Google Webmaster Tools to the site, submitting your site to Google, adding search engine optimisation components to the site if you have engaged us for this (see packages).

We can also provide you with a number of further opportunities to help you get your website out there and grow your business upon going live if you wish, each comes with their own associated costs. These include:

We have provided many clients SEO (search engine optimisation) services and PPC (pay per click) services such as developing and managing their ad campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing Ads. To have a successful business you must be able to be found on the search engines and for people to take the desired website on your website once there.
We have created hundreds of brands and provide a professional graphic design service from conception of brand concepts and design ideas right through to brand roll out. Key is that creative intelligence is applied to all of our branding and design work meaning you'll be dealing with people who understand how design relates to your overall marketing strategy.
We offer a range of social media services including social media strategy, social media audits, social media account set up or fix ups, social media content planning and posting and social media advertising services.
Our tech support services can be purchased on a per hour or prepaid block of hours for telephone or email support, discounted depending on the number of hours purchased.
Whilst you may have a great business, product or service, without effective marketing & PR, no one will even know you exist! So how do you build your profile, brand or awareness of your product, event or crowdfunding campaign? We can help!
If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level you should be using a high quality and professionally shot image or video. Talk to us about arranging a photo or video shoot at locations across Australia.
Know you should be doing a bunch of digital marketing but just aren't getting to it? Our affordable and flexible digital marketing packages are very popular and will ensure you are keeping active across multiple digital channels and will be executed in collaboration with you so you get final say on what goes out.
Let’s chat about your project



  • Price indicated is in AUD (other currencies can be billed if arranged) and price is as quoted + GST
  • Payment can be made upfront by clicking on the ‘SIGN ME UP’ options above, or by invoice by clicking on the ‘invoice me’ option above. A 50% deposit is required to commence live. The final 50% will be due prior to going live.
  • See our legals for further information that may be relevant to this service
  • TCC will work on the live domain where available or on a staging domain where one is not provided/confirmed. A domain (web address) on average will cost an additional $120 and can be purchased here.
  • Client has to provide everything before the job begins (wording, images, videos, examples of websites they like etc, domain and hosting information before the job begins). We will provide a checklist post the briefing session.
  • Client must be contactable in person, via phone, Skype or Google Hangout for a full day to give approvals/ provide input at different stages of the project
  • TCC works to best practice methods and checks your site on most devices. Whilst we will ensure it’s responsive on popular devices, it cannot be checked on every type of smartphone available and results may differ slightly from device to device.
  • If the scope changes, or hours exceed the above indications, you may incur additional fees at $120 + GST per hour.Once your build has been booked in, all cancellations for reschedule must be received at least 2 business days prior to the build or a cancellation fee of $250 + GST will apply as we are not always able to re-book other clients for this time


Mummy Tea is a Caffeine Free, organic herbal tea for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and motherhood. Created by a mum to support other women through all stages of pregnancy and beyond. The Herbal tea’s are blended and packed in Australia giving you tasty, quality tea every time, PLUS they packaged the herbal tea into bio degradable pyramid tea bags that are super convenient for any mum to have anytime of any day.

We assisted Mummy Tea with the branding, packaging, website and conversion tracking.

This WordPress + Woocommerce site includes:

– A blog
– Ecommerce enabled
– Instagram feed belt
– Social media icons
– Newsletter sign up linking to Mailchimp

Check it out here!


Please see below some samples of our eCommerce website projects. As you can see we have worked with a wide range of industries.

Brows of a Feather – Website
Doonan Sand & Gravel – Website
Divin Group – Website
Sunshine Coast Council – Level Up program – Brand & Website
Float Space – Website
Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine
Real Food School – Website
Wolf Rock Dive – Website Makeover
Newstead House – Website
Exceed Concrete – Brand & Website
Allied Health Support – Website
Hansen Kitchens
Hume Coal
Franc Mark Sterling – Website
Conception Interior – Website
Lives Unlived
Huia Holistic Health
Maroochy Rugby
Villa Verde Living – Website
Harmony ios
Wanderlust Style
Michelle Burnheim & Associates – Website
Collaborative Health Service – Website
Adventure Whitsunday – Website
Digital Careers
Sports Super Centre – Website
The Maryville Tavern – Website
Cyber Services Group – Website & SEO
Newcastle Float Centre – Website
Versatile Construction – Website
Quality Projects Australia – Website
Brad Hiles Construction – Website
Edge Early Learning – Website
Pender Insurance – Website
Practera – Website
Hello Baby – Website
Abbey Medieval Festival – Website
New Leaf Migration – Website
TLC Pools – Website
Health Recovery Centre – Website
Revival Room – Website
CFN – Brand & Website
Fearless Conference – website
HELPA – Website
Van Diemen Genetics – brand, website, photo shoot, Facebook presence
Tiffany Jones Fine Art – Website
Roger Loughnan – Website
Holland Hire – Brand development + stationery + website
Schembri PT – Website overhaul
Parent to Parent (P2P) Qld – Website overhaul
Empatherapies – Counsellor Website
Montessori – Website
Scaffwise – Website
Braeside Wealth – Website
Miss Cheri – Website Refresh
Naturaliste – Brand creation, interiors mood board, website, menu, chatbot comp, social media posting
Vogue Hair Group – Website
All-Ways Rigging Gear – Website, Google Ads & SEO
Digitori Labs – Website and Copywriting
Timberlayers – Website
Therapy Connect – SEO Audit
Disability Law Queensland – Website
Body Science Transformations – Brand + Website
Belle Collective & Co – Website
Ashmore Podiatry – Website
Sydney RV Group – SEM + Website Support
The Skin Coaches – Website
Sydney Cosmedical Tattooing – Website & Brand
The Pressure Clean Experts – Website
Caloundra Livestock Transport – Website
Fresh Chai Co – Website
PGSR – Website, Branding, Photography
UnifiedAR | Website + Copywriting
Rageism – Website, SEO, Google Ads
Surfair Events Centre – Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy & Website
Newcastle Pride – Website
The Bookkeeping Department – Brand, Brand Style guide, Stationery & Website
Arc Migration – Website
All About Living – Website
Diverse Business Consulting – Website
Port Hunter Group – Website
The Training Collective – Website
GroView – Website
Let’s chat about your project
Our Web Team
Front End Developer
Web Developer
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Our Happy Website Clients

Dr Karsten Schulz - National Program Director, Digital Careers

“The bounce rate of our website is down to 7% since January this year. Since March 1 it is even better: 1.6%. A great testimony to your work on redesigning the pages. Well done!”

My Wine Lover, Bernie Duffy - My Wine Lover

“What a crew, friendly and smart, just like my wife easy to get along with and get the job done so professionally. Thank you all.”

Studio Phoenix

“Would like to thank you again for our website everyone who has seen it have been saying how good it looks. Kind Regards, Alice.”

brew captain brand
Mark Cunningham

“If the concept wasn’t enough, the marketing has blown me away. I’ve received an enormous amount of positive feedback from all genders, young and old who all comment on the name/design The Creative Collective came up with for me. I love driving around in my Brew Captain branded vehicle and handing out the professionally designed marketing items. This is my first time in business for myself and everything from start to finish was very simple, and easy working with these guys. It was a real pleasure and we’ll continue to use them as the business grows from a one man show to hopefully a full franchise.”

cosmetic tattooing company brand
Beck McKay

“I am so thrilled with what this company can do in a day. It has been such a breeze working with them and they have made everything really easy and simple. I have unsuccessfully tried previously to get my websites up and running and I finally have a stunning website and branding. Couldn’t recommend you guys enough! 10/10!”

Erin Stuart

“Could not recommend this amazing company enough. I have had all of my branding + my website done by the team at Creative Collective and am so happy and impressed by the attention to detail, professionalism, patience (I am extremely fussy) and care shown by each and every staff member I dealt with. 1 year on I am still constantly receiving compliments from my clients on my beautiful logo and website. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the team at Creative Collective I am so happy with everything you have done for me and my business. Special shout out to Bronte who continues to go above and beyond!”

Jacqui Spencer
Wisdom Frontier

“I always felt like i was in good hands with Kat and the other members of the team that helped me. Kat is expert at coming up with fabulous ideas and was really helpful in bring about the vision I had in a grounded and innovative way. Thanks Kat!”

box commercial
Rob Stanley-Turner
Box Commercial

Recently I needed something done quickly as I was about to launch a campaign to my 3000 subscribers. It was a technical issue on my website and I need a developer to understand what I needed done pronto. Anyway Mel and Arvind delivered quickly and on time. Well done guys!

Hugo Cranswick
Valkyrie Functional Fitness

I’m a small business owner and have been working with The Creative Collective for over 18 months now. Over this time, with there expert advice on all things marketing, they’ve helped grow my business from humble beginnings to something to be proud of. I hate think we’re I’d be without Kat and her team of tech heads! 100% recommendation for any business new or old!

helpa logo
Stuart Kruger

I’d like to take the time to pass on a big thank you to Tamara, Arvind & Alan.This process has been seamless and very enjoyable. Your organisation & communication has been impeccable, and this has made the journey pleasant. I have no hesitation in working with you again and will certainly be passing along recommendations wherever possible.

Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones Fine Art

Thank very much Arvind, you’ve been a delight to work with and appreciate your advice and patience as we worked through it all. I was very excited last night to be adding all the lovely colourful artworks!

Michael Monk
Cherbourg Council

“What a journey, and what a sensational result! Have spent some time this evening navigating through the back end of the site, making updates, additions and edits – very happy with the usability post handover. Congratulations on your creation and the teamwork that has brought about this better than expected result for our new brand and website.”

Jeremy Harmon
New Leaf Migration

We engaged the Creative Collective for a website refresh on our tired online presence. The team were professional, clear, technically proficient, helpful and also provided timely guidance on how to get the most out of our project. I will be using their services again and thoroughly recommend engaging the Creative Collective team for your website / marketing needs.

Tina Moore
TMP Dance Studios

“I want to thank you for the stunning website and all of your care and professionalism. I am simply blown away by how organised efficient, skilled and kind all of your team are. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to contract The Creative collective to build our company website. Over the years of running my business I have hired other companies and not had good results. The Creative Collective excelled in every aspect from start to finish and the results are beautiful. A huge congratulations to all of your team and a massive thank you to Gina Novoa whose project management has been flawless. I am beyond impressed. Thank you :)”

Tina Moore – Director of TMP Dance Studios

Sandra Petty
Yumba Bimbi

We have been working with Allan from the Creative Collective for around 3 years now and have never had a moments doubt that we are with the right team for us. Quick to respond to support emails and come back with a time table to sort the issue if it cannot be resolved immediately. We are very happy with the consistent uptime and response time of our website. We highly recommend Creative Collective.