PR Strategy

Want to run a local or national PR campaign to launch or promote a product, event, service, person or company? We can help!

Why engage us for a PR strategy?

Developing a PR strategy is always the first part of our engagement if we are engaged for a single PR campaign like a business product launch or a monthly PR retainer. However you can also engage us for a PR strategy as a standalone piece of work too.

Working on this up front helps us to get you into a proactive and strategic position rather than a reactive position when it comes to building your reputation and relationships with key media, stakeholders and clients, and in turn, getting media coverage.

A well developed PR strategy will help us clearly define what it is we are setting out to achieve for you when it comes to PR or other marketing activities, and thereafter to measure the effectiveness of these public relations tactics over time. 

Our approach

We commence our PR strategy sessions with a briefing session with you and any key stakeholders. This serves as a meet and greet and also as a way to extract a range of essential information from you in order to effectively develop your strategy including your organisational objectives, your goals, target audiences, going over any coverage you have had to date, identifying your key messages, key competitors, target media placements, and key spokespeople. 

Having completed the briefing session we prepare a dedicated document and present a draft to you and key stakeholders for your input. Once finalised, if you contract us for our PR services, such as developing PR campaigns, being on a PR Retainer or Media Training we get to work on rolling out your strategy.

If you have any other questions about our PR services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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PR Strategy Case Studies

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