Concerts Australia – Derek Gripper tour

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Concerts Australia – Derek Gripper tour

Derek Gripper, an acclaimed South African guitarist, renowned for his groundbreaking interpretations of traditional Malian kora music on the classical guitar, embarked on an Australian tour from January 19 to February 15, 2024. Derek’s unique concert experience, ‘Music from the Strings of Mali,’ promised to captivate audiences with its immersive exploration of African and classical music. 

The Creative Collective was engaged to mobilise a short-run national PR campaign, spanning two months from mid-December to mid-February, was strategically designed to optimise media coverage at the locations Derek was due to perform at, and to audiences which would be most drawn to his music. 

Objectives of the national PR campaign were:

  • To build local awareness around Derek Gripper’s Australian tour through media relations
  • To drive ticket sales for each location
  • To establish his profile in Australia through interview opportunities and media coverage  

National PR Campaign Approach:

The campaign was tackled in four distinct phases being:

PHASE 1: Prepare press release and assets for campaign namely revising the client supplied media release, compiling a suitable media list for distribution with input from the client and also compiling assets including images, video, and audio tracks to supply to the media.

PHASE 2: Mobilise campaign – in this phase we distributed the press release to relevant press contacts, in line with the tour roll out.

PHASE 3: Monitor campaign – Throughout the campaign we monitored various sources for coverage, and also liaised with media to line up the confirmed interviews, brief in the client, and obtain copies of files once published.

PHASE 4: Wrap up and report on campaign – In the final phase we collated our efforts into a tidy end of PR campaign report which was provided to the client outlining coverage achieved, coverage pending and general commentary of campaign.

Campaign Results:

  • 23 pieces of media coverage achieved, including:
  • x4 print articles 
  • x14 online articles
  • x2 review features (3 with syndication)
  • x4 radio interviews plus 1 audio track feature

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