16 Style Types

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Facebook Advertising campaign

16 Style Types

Designed and created by Jill Chivers, a psychological type expert and master training facilitator, and Imogen Lamport, a globally award-winning image consultant and style blogger, the ‘Your Type of Style’ self-discovery program helps participants define their personal style by mapping it to the Myers Briggs personality test, and helps its customer’s achieve an authentic and inspiring wardrobe.

With one of the business partner’s having engaged in one of our full day Facebook training workshops, the company reached out to us for some assistance to launch their annual program which is offered online and which includes a Style Type report and 12 self-paced modules.

Having conducted an initial strategy session, we recommended to break the Meta (Facebook) advertising campaign into two distinct phases as follows:

PHASE 1 – Anticipation phase

This phase was aimed at building interest in the soon to be released program, and to achieve multiple top of funnel objectives including:
1) Grow their likes base on Facebook
2) Increase brand awareness
3) Increase engagement on the page prior to the program launch
4) Build a database of people potentially interested in participating in the program once launched.

The strategy was to offer the chance for a lucky person to win the program valued at $499USD + a bunch of other supporting prizes bringing the prize pool value to $746USD by preparing a comment to bot competition. Using chatbot software, we programmed a bot, and then prepared the post below to solicit entries:

The Facebook Advertising Campaign Results:

  • We spent $999.98 over 19 days
  • 13,874 Unique People Reached
  • 1,324 Engagements
  • 19,935 impressions (people who may have seen the ad more than once from the 13,874 above)

Of these:

  • 9,740 Post reach
  • 2,447 post engagements
  • 233 reactions
  • 18 Shares Cost per Post
  • Engagement = $0.41.

We had 100 entrants in total and of these 24% were actually from Australia despite not targeting the ads here! We had 43% from where we targeted the ads (USA). And the rest were from around the world which confirmed this client really did have a global audience as they indicated they did.

The Facebook Advertising Campaign helped us learn about the audiences which was useful heading into the main launch campaign such as: – They were a little younger than the client indicated with age 35-44 being the best respondents in this competition (the client suggested over 55-65+ were likely the main audience) – The audience were very global audience though the client thought the majority would be in the US – With USA being a big market we learnt that 4 States in particular in America saw a lot of interest – California, New York, Florida and Texas.

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