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Some people claim to be social media marketing experts, and others can prove it. We are a company with a proven track record. The Creative Collective were early adopters of social media, first establishing on social networks in 2008 and commencing with assisting clients with their social media set up, strategies and training in 2009.

Since then we have assisted many clients to establish on social networks relevant to their business, have devised numerous social media strategies, have run tons of social media campaigns and have provided social media training to thousands of businesses through webinars, programs, workshops and in one-on-one consults.

In 2019 two of our trainers – our founder Yvette Adams + Heather Porters were announced as two of only 8 Facebook Community Trainers across Australia and New Zealand. This has required both Yvette & Heather to engage in intensive and specialised training with Facebook and since then they been delivering the “Facebook Community Boost” program to thousands of small businesses in Australia.

Suffice to say, when it comes to knowing what the latest & greatest techniques are on social media, we’re leading in this space!

Our range of Social Media services cater for most budgets and circumstances however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love the opportunity to work with you too.


Heather (back row in the red) and Yvette (front row on the yellow chair, right side) with the Facebook Community Trainer network at the Facebook Australia offices in Sydney.

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Social media can help achieve a lot of different things, but in order to get results, it’s important to get clear on EXACTLY what it is you are hoping to achieve from a social media campaign or regular posting. Below are a range of a few objectives social media can help with to get you thinking about what you need. Please note, some of the objectives below require larger financial investment than others to achieve.


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Social Media Strategy

Undertaking a social media strategy session can help you get crystal clear as to how social media fits into your overall marketing plan.

In a social media strategy session, we will help you define your objectives, your target audience, your brand voice, take a look at your existing channels if any & structures, define which channels you should be on, how to manage them and provide a bunch of tools to help you get started.

We’ll also discuss how you can track & measure results.

Social Media Management

Just getting started with social?

Running a small business and just need a little help to keep your social channels looking professional and active?

Or want to up the ante on your social posts & have them going out more frequently & prepared by people who know what they are doing for maximum results?

Check out our range of packages for all situations!

Social Media Advertising

Want to move beyond boosted posts and get started with more sophisticated advertising campaigns inside Facebook Ads Manager? We’d love to help! Or, are your ideal audience users on alternative social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or TikTok? We can run campaigns on these platforms too.

In all cases our social media advertising packages include an initial briefing/strategy session and your first month of service being dedicated to the set up of the ads, with actively monthly management thereafter.

The best package for you will be determined by your objectives, the audiences you wish to target, and your ad spend, which we can help you determine.

Social Media OUTREACH

Whilst most people think ‘doing social media’  is all about posting on your feed or creating stories, doing social media outreach to connect with and message people via groups or direct on their profiles in an authentic and relevant way can help your brand, business or event hugely. And it doesn’t require any advertising budget – just your time (which in our experience most businesses are pretty short on!)

In case you hadn’t heard, posting on social media business pages is still worthwhile, but it is becoming increasingly harder to achieve results unless you have a decent advertising budget allocated, are consistent with your posting, and really know what you’re doing in terms of producing quality content.

Where we are now often seeing the best results in social media for our clients, is via Social Media Outreach.


In our experience many individuals and businesses run competitions on social media in breach of the respective network’s promotional guidelines and without any or much ad spend. Doing so, puts their page/profile at risk of being shut down and of them not achieving the results they could with some professional assistance.

It is critical that if you are running a promotion or competition, that you do so inline with promotional guidelines, and any rules around running a competition is that particular country/region and that you allocate a sufficient social media ad budget.

The Creative Collective is experienced in running competitions for our clients, and will strategise a promotion aligned with your objectives, budget and audience.

We love working across a diverse range of industries and can work with you to create a successful social media competition to suit many products and services.

Social Media TRAINING

Our sister company The Training Collective were one of the first companies in Australia to offer social media training way back in 2008, and many years on, continue to be a forerunner in a highly competitive and fast moving industry.

Boasting some of the best digital skills trainers and consultants in the country, including two of Facebook’s official Community Trainers Yvette Adams & Heather Porters many of our clients have benefited from training with The Training Collective and many of our own team also offer training through The Training Collective.

Get started with some social media training today!

Social Media AUDITS

All set up on social media but not really sure if you’ve got the correct channel set up or ads?

Know things are a bit of a mess and need a professional opinion to know how to streamline thing?

Doing your best at managing your social media but not sure if you’re doing it ‘right’?

Our social media audits will help!

We offer both social media channel audits and social media ad manager audits as a service and have a range of packages available – from light audits which come in at a low cost to comprehensive audits which involve us spending more time on analysing your accounts and coming back with a comprehensive report of our recommendations.

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Check out our extensive range of social media work for a wide range of clients. For those just starting up with social media through to those already very established, take a look at some case studies below.


We have fantastic talent on our social media marketing team who are at the forefront of social media marketing and who have launched social media accounts, managed social media posting and advertising campaigns, and consulted to hundreds of businesses all over the world. By working with us, you are accessing social media specialists who are leaders in their field who use a suite of professional tools and software to get the desired results as well as commit to regular R&D (research and development) to keep up with the latest and greatest social media trends and techniques, so you don’t have to. Be assured that by using The Creative Collective you are accessing only the best in talent and that better still, we’ll be professional, but fun to work with!

yvette adams
bec kennedy
Copywriter and PR Specialist
Gina Novoa
Gina Novoa
Let’s chat about your project


Our Happy Social Media Clients

Adam Nobel

“I used The Creative Collective for designing social media pages and strategies, and for training myself and my staff. All of the work that they have delivered has been carried out in a timely manner and was of the highest quality. I would not hesitate in recommending The Creative Collective to anyone considering their services.”

John Hart, John Hart Fitness

“The Creative Collective not only educated me, they were involved in revamping my blog/Facebook/twitter accounts giving my site a fresh new look. The whole team has an area of expertise they specialise in and they go to great lengths to keep up with what is happening out in the market place.”

John Vandeleur, Turner Freeman Lawyers

“A jargon free, relevant and helpful introduction to social media”

Steve Artis
Ultraspeed Australia

“TCC delivers what they say and are always very easy to interact with. We run a small consultancy and have a very subdued growth/social media strategy which TCC seem to have adapted to very easily.”

My Wine Lover, Bernie Duffy - My Wine Lover

“What a crew, friendly and smart, just like my wife easy to get along with and get the job done so professionally. Thank you all.”

brew captain brand
Mark Cunningham

“If the concept wasn’t enough, the marketing has blown me away. I’ve received an enormous amount of positive feedback from all genders, young and old who all comment on the name/design The Creative Collective came up with for me. I love driving around in my Brew Captain branded vehicle and handing out the professionally designed marketing items. This is my first time in business for myself and everything from start to finish was very simple, and easy working with these guys. It was a real pleasure and we’ll continue to use them as the business grows from a one man show to hopefully a full franchise.”

platinum dental logo
Gareth Morgan
Platinum Dental

“Would highly recommend The Creative Collective. We own a small dental practice in NSW and The Creative Collective have been instrumental for all our social media and paid advertising and SEO needs. Easy to work with, very informative and regular feedback regarding ads/campaigns. We’ve been working together for the past 12 months and I’m sure this winning relationship will continue for the foreseeable future.