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Are you looking to work with a company who understands design for property development?

We are professionals with many years working with property developers across the country on a wide range of projects…

The Creative Collective have been working with people in the property development and real estate industries since we commenced in 2007 and over the years have created many property development brands, and then rolled them out into all sorts of marketing collateral and marketing campaigns.

Like any marketing, it is our belief that property development design should meet the design objectives it sets out to achieve and should connect with its desired target audience/s and give consideration to a range of factors. These include considering where the property development is located and who the likely potential buyers are (we can help with market research here too), price point of the properties, the competitive landscape, how the market is currently performing and more. Then there is the consideration of what the ‘brandscape’ is i.e. what other property developments are currently being promoted in the area to a similar audience and how this new development will position amongst them.

We can help you develop a property development brand from scratch, including what colours you will use, what fonts you will use based on what the interior and exterior of the physical property will be and how the brand will interact, whether you will mostly require online or physical printed items, your budget and much more!

Working with professionals like us who have extensive experience in design for property developments means you will be expertly guided through the many decisions you will need to make along the way, and will end up with designs you not only love, but which your prospective buyers will be attracted to and resonate with.

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Our property development design capabilities…

Over the years we have worked with many different clients on a wide range of items when it comes to property development design including:

  • Property prospectuses
  • Sales brochures
  • Floor plans
  • Signage
  • Videography & Videography
  • AR & VR
  • And much more

Scroll down to check out some case studies and examples of our work…

Property Prospectus

Our design team have worked on numerous property prospectus brochures for real estate and property developments over the years – from 4 page glossy magazine style documents, to veritable luxury magazines and waxy matte finished card booklets with special print finishes subject to what kind of property you are selling.

Sales Brochures

Having a quality sales brochure to market your properties with is essential for achieving sales. The team at The Creative Collective design sales brochures and other sales collateral for real estate and property developments to showcase a property’s unique features.

As an example, this sales brochure to the left is one of many designed for Palm Lake Resort, developers of designer resort-style living for savvy over-50s.

Property Floor Plans

Do you need floor plans put together to showcase different property designs available in your development? We can help.

Whether you need a simple floor plan for one property, or multiple created to showcase a client’s potential offerings, even featuring the furniture which will come with the package, we can help.  


Do you need signage to market your property development? We can help.

Whether you need a large billboard intended for the highway, some fence hoarding or some simple corflute pickets in the lead up to the development site or open home, we have extensive experience in rolling out signage to market property developments in line with established brand style guides.

We can also help you negotiate media buying for prime billboard locations should you require this.

Videography & Photography

Need quality images of the properties you intend to market? We can help here too. Our team of experienced videographers and photographers are located across the country and can shoot everything from interiors – including 360 view – to exteriors, drone footage and more.

We can arrange talent to feature in the footage, and edit the output to various durations for different placements such as reels, stories and posts, overlaying it with music, voiceovers and more for added effect.

Find out more about our videography & photography services.


We love bringing innovation and technology to the projects we work with in the form of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) as well as QR codes and much more. This technology really came into its own during COVID when inspections on site became difficult and now continue in popularity as they open you up to a much wider potential buyers market.

Using VR & AR can also position your business as innovative and technology savvy with younger demographics, but also wow older ones.

The possibilities of how it can be implemented for marketing are virtually endless. Talk to us so we can give you some ideas on how it could be relevant to your property development. 

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