Marketing Strategy & Consults

Would you or your business benefit from assistance developing a Brand Strategy, Website Strategy, Social Media Strategy or General Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy & Consults

Would you or your business benefit from assistance developing a Brand Strategy, Website Strategy, Social Media Strategy or General Marketing Strategy?


If marketing isn’t your thing, or if you don’t have a clear direction, a strategy session with us is a really good idea…

Marketing & Strategy Services

Strategic Brand Empowerment, In-Depth Market Insights, and Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Craft a robust brand foundation, empower your brand for longevity, and excel in saturated markets with our strategic brand sessions. Additionally, benefit from our in-depth market research and tailored marketing communications plans.

Partner with us to streamline your marketing efforts through our cost-effective Partner Solutions program. Experience superior results with a diverse team of marketing professionals. Chat with us today and unlock the potential for your brand’s success.

Craft a strong foundation for your brand with a strategic approach. Whether establishing a new brand or rebranding, our brand strategy ensures longevity, aiding in customer identification and preference. The primary objective is to communicate your brand’s existence, purpose, and defining characteristics to the world. Drawing on decades of experience, data, insights, and research, our brand strategy sessions have the potential to empower your brand to excel in even the most saturated markets.

The Creative Collective conducts thorough market research for clients, analysing market needs, size, competition, and key marketing metrics. We utilise diverse tools to collect, collate, and analyse data, presenting insightful reports and recommendations tailored to each client’s requirements and timeframe.

A Marketing Communications Plan, or ‘marcom plan,’ outlines how your business will be marketed in the upcoming year. It covers marketing objectives, target audiences, situation analysis, market research, positioning, assets, activities, and more. This plan provides clarity on your current marketing position, future goals, and the strategies to achieve them. Choosing us to create your marketing plan means tapping into a team with extensive expertise across various marketing disciplines, helping identify opportunities you may have overlooked and determining the necessary budget for success.

Partner with us to streamline your marketing efforts! If the challenges of managing an in-house marketing team are overwhelming, consider us as your marketing agency solution. We offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to hiring new personnel. Our Partner Solutions program provides your business with a dedicated team of marketing specialists, eliminating the need for in-house hires. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing an internal team and welcome a diverse team of marketing professionals for superior results at a fraction of the cost. Chat with us today to explore how we can be your marketing agency.

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There is a lot to know when it comes to marketing...

Are you doing some marketing, yet finding it’s not really working for you? Have you created a brand or website you’re not really happy with, but are unsure what direction to take it in now? Or are you considering a range of marketing activities, however, don’t know which would be best and how to apportion your marketing for a set campaign or your marketing generally this year?

If so, you may benefit from an initial marketing strategy / consult with us.

We offer a range of packages – from our starter two hours of power session, right through to half day and full day sessions which are great when there are multiple stakeholders and product or service offerings to discuss. Scroll down for more.

Customised to suit your needs

Sessions can be conducted online or in person where geography permits (our offices are in Newcastle + the Sunshine Coast and we also have consultants + access to offices in most of the major cities in Australia).

In all cases a bespoke agenda will be defined and sent to you prior to the day outlining the proposed topics to be covered (though we will also work dynamically on the day) and you will be allocated a highly experienced and relevant strategist + support person from our team to take notes.

All participants will benefit from a debrief document supplied within a week post session, with the size of the document and inclusions such as audits, marketing calendars and marketing budgets, subject to the package you sign off for.

If you have any questions about which marketing strategy session may suit you and how it may be customised to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Proudly Regional Serving Client’s Nationally.

Operating with teams in both Newcastle, New South Wales, and Sunshine Coast, Queensland, we extend our services across the nation, catering to a diverse range of clients.

Need ongoing support? Our Marketing Consulting Services could be for you…

If you enjoy your initial marketing strategy session with us, you may like to keep the momentum going by meeting with us on a regular basis for our shorter marketing consult sessions.

These 1 or 2 hour sessions which can be held at whatever intervals work for you (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly are generally what people go for) will help keep you and your team accountable and focussed on the ongoing success of your marketing and business.

website accessibility audit

Keep Focussed & Accountable

We can use these sessions as a checkpoint to see how the execution of our marketing recommendations from previous strategy sessions are going, to provide advice, training, or even fill the gaps with additional marketing services as needed.

We can help you identify and work through any arising issues, keep you updated on the latest marketing trends, tools and technologies, and help you make plans for future marketing campaigns and activities.


We are more than happy to speak to you for 15-20 minutes about your business/project/requirements, which you can book here. If you need more time with us than that, we deem this a consult and do charge for this service. We are marketing professionals offering an extremely valuable service that can seriously improve your bottom line (you wouldn’t expect a free consult with your accountant or lawyer now would you?)

Simply enquire with us stating which of the above packages you are most interested in. We’ll raise you a quote to accept and thereafter an invoice along with some times the most relevant consultant is available. If you are unsure which package may suit and want to vary inclusions, also simply reach out and we will be more than happy to make adjustments.

Our availability is subject to your locations + agenda you wish to focus on + timing. At times our consultants are in high demand and sessions may be booked 2-3 weeks ahead of time. At other times, we may have someone available to meet with you within the week. We will always do our best to accommodate your timeframes where possible.

We offer both in person and online sessions. Our online sessions held on Zoom or Google Meet (generally Zoom) are the most popular as they give both sides more flexibility and we are expert at facilitating sessions online using a range of interactive features (online whiteboarding, text chat, unmute etc.) We can offer sessions at our offices in Wickham, Newcastle & also Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, and from time to time we will also travel to our client’s workplace or choice of meeting space, however please note additional travel charges will apply (flights or mileage).

The short answer is no. We will ask you all the questions we need to extract what we require at the session, and we may also ask you to provide us items post session if the need is identified. If however you feel strongly that you would like us to be across some items prior to the session (within reason) of course you may send it through well in advance of the session so we can distribute it to the necessary team members.

Choose your Strategy package


From $870 + GST

2 Hours Time Allocated.

3-5 Page Brief Document

Not Included

1 Strategist

Up to x3 people can attend x1 brand focus



From $1290 + GST

2 Hours Time Allocated

5-8 Page Brief Document

Front end analysis (no logins) of up to x2 social media channels and x1 website

1 Strategist

Up to x4 people can attend x1 brand focus



From $2350 + GST

Half Day or 2 x 2 Hours

8-12 Page Brief Document

Light back end analysis (logins required) of up to x2 social media channels and x1 website

2 Strategists

Up to x6 people can attend x1 brand focus


From $3590 + GST

Full Day or 2 x 3.5 Hours

12-20 Page Brief Document + 1 year marketing calendar/budget

Deep back end analysis of up to x4 social media channels, x1 website, and x1 database of CRM system.

2 Strategists

Up to x8 people can attend x1 brand focus

Preparation of 12 month marketing plan & budget including 12 month content calendar, keyword research of up to x100 words


Full payment upfront is required to confirm your session.
The above costs apply if session is held at our office or online. Add mileage at the ATO rate per km if we travel to you or + flights + accommodation where relevant. This will only be booked in consultation with you.
We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of 50% if the session is cancelled within 24 hours.

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