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Want to run a local or national PR campaign to launch or promote a product, event, service, person or company? We can help!

Run a local or national PR campaign with us! 

As a company we have extensive local, national and even international PR campaign experience and are more than happy to work on a campaign / project basis. Having said this as an experienced PR company with established media contacts, we are well aware of what it takes to achieve coverage so we are quite selective of who we will accept as PR clients. Unless we think we can get your PR campaign coverage, we won’t take you on as a client.

Our approach to PR campaigns…

We will likely commence with a complimentary exploratory call and/or getting you to complete one of our PR questionnaires which basically helps us explore what your PR goals are for the campaign, what target media outlets you have your eye on and what you have to work with i.e. workable angles, spokespeople, sample products, media kits etc. Having considered all of this we will let you know if we think we can work together, and will send you a quote or proposal outlining our proposed approach for the campaign. 

For some this may be a simple four to six week local campaign if what you are promoting has a targeted local audience, for others it may be a longer national campaign, identifying key industry media targets and even mainstream media we seek to target, along with any supporting PR campaign activities i.e. the development of an initial media kit if you do not have an existing one etc.

In all cases we will commence our formal engagement with a thorough briefing session with you and any key stakeholders. This serves as a meet and greet and also as a way to extract a range of essential information from you in order to effectively develop the PR strategy for your PR campaign including going over any coverage you have had to date, identifying your key messages, key competitors, target media placements, and key spokespeople. 

Having completed the briefing session we will prepare a PR strategy document and present a draft to you and key stakeholders for your input. Once finalised, we get to rolling out your PR campaign to the media targets we identified in earlier stages, with regular liaison. We finish all PR campaigns of any kind with an ‘end of campaign report’ which will include key learnings from the campaign and recommendations for future activities. 

If you have any other questions about our PR campaign services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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PR Campaign Case Studies

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4 Pines Brewing Company (beer lovers) and Saber Astronautics (space gurus) from Manly, Australia on Sydney’s Northern Beaches joined forces and went on a mission of galactic proportions – to go where humanity never has before and create the world’s first beer for space. 4 Pines worked with us over a period of 6 months to devise a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds to initiate tooling and manufacturing so they could make Vostok Space…

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