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Need a multi-page brochure, capability statement, annual report and more made? We can help!

We are professionals with many years of experience producing brochure designs for a wide range of multi-page marketing documents

The Creative Collective have been offering brochure design services since we commenced in 2007 and over the years have created many multi-page documents for clients including annual report design, calendar design, tri fold brochure design, capability statements and more.  

Our brochure design projects vary greatly, from creating documents for the first time from scratch, to giving existing documents an updated look and feel on Adobe Indesign or Canva should the client wish to be able to have the ability to update the brochure design document ongoing themselves. 

We believe that a good brochure design should meet the design objectives it sets out to achieve and should keep a number of considerations in mind including who the brochure design is intended to be consumed by (its desired target audience/s), how the brochure or document will be placed i.e. at an expo, in a busy reception area, as a pack handed out to customers, sent via email; as well as what images and copy you will use. 

As professionals with many years of experience producing brochure designs, annual report design, calendar designs, tri fold brochure design, capability statements and more we can guide you through the process and help you with everything required to produce a professional and suitable document including arranging photo shoots, sourcing images, producing copywriting, and page layout. 

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Our brochure design project capabilities

Over the years we have worked with many different clients and industries on their brochure design projects. Scroll down to check out some case studies and examples of our work…

Capability Statement Design

Capability statements are a great document to have prepared by professionals as they can win you a lot of work if you get them right! Some of our clients have had us produce Capability Statements in InDesign, while others have preferred to have them in Canva, ready to quickly update as they prepare and send them off for tender applications, awards applications or simply as part of client pitches. Capability statement designs can vary from 4-6 pages right through to 20-30 pages subject to how large your organisation is and what you wish to showcase in your Capability Statement i.e. services or product ranges, team members, past projects etc. If you wish to see samples, get in contact with us. 

capability statement design
annual report design

Annual Report Design

If you are looking for an annual report design company you’ll be pleased to know The Creative Collective have designed many annual reports over the years and have particular experience in designing annual reports for not for profit clients. To us achieving a good annual report layout design requires a combination of including all compliance items (chair report, ceo report, financial reports) but also highlighting key milestones or achievements and breaking down what can be quite a copy heavy document into being a more digestible and interesting read through the use of infographics, imagery and case studies etc. to show how the organisations work is making a different. Talk to us about producing your next annual report today! 

Brochure Design

We have designed hundreds of brochures over the years, from single page double sided DLs right through to A4 trifold to DL size, A3 fold to A4, and many variations between! The benefit of working with us on your brochure design is we can prepare the mock ups, source the images (or help with the photo shoot), as well as the copy and the sourcing of trade printing prices, so you don’t have to go around coordinating it all, or trying to do it all yourself if you are time poor. Take a look at some of our past work below and get in contact with us if you would like to discuss a new brochure design. 

Sales Brochures, Property Prospectus and Information Memorandums

The Creative Collective produce marketing collateral for property developers and resort lifestyle and retirement living industries and as such have designed many property prospectus, information memorandums and other items such as floorplans, sales brochures, signage, hoarding and more. We are more than marketers, we are also business savvy, and can help you to pull out the ‘saleable’ aspects of your property development to cut through the noise and help those receiving material feel compelled to learn more.

Calendar Design

Whilst many of us now lean on digital calendars, you’d be surprised at how many clients still like to produce an annual calendar design to promote their business and services.

Showcase your business on the image pages, feature key dates in the calendar, and include your contact details in key locations throughout the document, and make it an annual marketing activity.

calendar design

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