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Let’s face it. Stock photos are, well, stock photos. And home job photo and video shoots are, well, home jobs. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level you should be using a high quality and professionally shot image or video. And in some cases you really don’t have a choice. For instance if you’re a restaurant, you really can’t use somebody else’s food shots by way of stock imagery. They should be your own. If you’re a real estate agent, you need your own stock too. And if you’re wanting to capture an event? Well people will know for sure if those shots aren’t from your event and it is all a little generic.

We have photographers and videographers in a wide range of locations across Australia ready to work with you!

With a suite of professional shot images or videos, you can update the main sliders on your website, display professional product shots on your e-commerce site to really showcase and sell your products, wow audiences on your social media channels, get people clicking on your email marketing campaigns, and generally look your best as a company – there are eyeballs everywhere. The Creative Collective are proud to now have a wide range of photography and videography packages to complement our other digital marketing services.

Get us to arrange a photo or video shoot so you have the creative you need to do digital marketing well, or tag one of these packages on to one of our social media packages so we can make more impact and get you better results. The choice is yours.

Our team of photographers and videographers can help you with everything from consultancy in helping conceptualise your idea, or can enhance you digital marketing activities or campaigns with powerful photo shoots or video shoots on everything from products to commercial items, events and lifestyle photography, culinary, head shots, real estate and more. We can do on location or in studio photography — of items and people — the choice is yours.

Whilst there are a range of indicative packages below, there is no ‘one size fits all’. So probably best if you go right ahead and fill in that form below so we can speak and work out the best package for you based on your needs. As you’ll note these packages are super affordable and there is a package to suit every business.

Our Services


In April 2019, Japanese wellness brand Abios engaged The Creative Collective to set up and manage an Instagram account for their new product “Soy Oil Skincare”. In the first two months of the Instagram account being active, the page gained 200 organic followers.

The Creative Collective was also engaged to carry out monthly product photoshoots to create fresh content for the account. Our photography packages are quite flexible depending on the clients needs. For Abios the package was customised to allow for ongoing monthly photoshoots.

This project is quite specific and intricate, in that the Instagram account is targeting a Japanese audience. The team on this project have developed a detailed process, which entails a photoshoot in the first week of the month and in the same week our in house social media content manager is tasked with finding stock images for the following month. In the second week, a mock up of the Instagram grid layout is prepared for the client to approve before the captions are prepared and written by our social media content manager in English. In the third week, the captions are sent to a translator to change the text to Japanese and ensure it makes sense in the Japanese language. In the final week, the posts are all scheduled to go up for the next month. To the right is a sample product shot.


Having completed the Facebook Community Trainers program and being selected as one of eight official trainers for Facebook in Australia & New Zealand, the founder of our company, Yvette Adams pitched to Facebook Australia the opportunity to participate in Queensland Small Business Week.

The Facebook Community Boost program aims to provide local businesses with the most up-to-date tools, insights, and best practices for achieving success on Facebook and Instagram and give participants the ability to learn directly from Facebook’s very own Community Trainers and walk away with the resources they need to grow their business.

Our sister company The Training Collective were contracted by Facebook Australia to deliver x5 half day workshops in regional towns in Queensland — Gladstone, Bundaberg, Cairns, Townsville and Toowoomba.

Sessions were offered free to attend, but participants did have to register to secure their spot for one, two or all three modules we were delivering in each town. The topics and content shared at each location was informed by local regional partners (Chambers of Commerce, Councils, RDAs etc)

Our involvement also involved completing a photo shoot at several of the events.


In April 2018 we were engaged by Stella Rossa, to deliver a 1.5 hour presentation to all of their franchisees at their annual conference in Brisbane. The aim of the presentation was to help their franchisees understand social media and how to use it better to promote their various locations.

In August 2018, we were engaged again by the company to deliver a 4.5 hour presentation to 3 staff members at the company’s head office in Brisbane. The agenda included some specific requests for clarity on social media items, but for the overall outcome being to create a Social Media Strategy for their business. We were able to provide them with a strategy, action plan and implementation plan to follow post training and the company continue to call on us to this day for advice.

We completed a photo shoot of their head office + key dishes + one of their 22 franchised stores, and are currently engaged to conduct a new photo shoot of a site per month + a quarterly ‘new menu’ shoot each month in Brisbane + to prepare and schedule all their head office social media posts (Facebook + Instagram).


It is estimated that there are upwards of 1 million Australians suffering from PTSD a condition that medical practitioners and clinicians now recognise as the result of injury to the brain caused by exposure to violence, trauma and shock. And there are upwards to three million family members who live with people experiencing Post Traumatic Stress on a daily basis.

For the first time ever a national conference on PTSD is due to be held on the Sunshine Coast from August 21-23 2019.

As an early piece of marketing collateral, we wanted to create an emotive video that gets people thinking about the topic of PTSD and whether they, or someone they know is affected, and to become aware of the opportunity to attend or get involved in the upcoming conference. We recommended the client invest in an organisation video which conveyed who the organisation are and what they do + a video trailer to be used as a conference trailer.

The job involved creating one main script for the organisation and producing a 1 minute + 30 second + 10 second edit, and with some small tweaks, repurposed the same content and added a different outro to make the video also be suitable for use for the conference trailer, also produced with a 1 minute + 30 second + 10 second edit. Through this careful scripting and the use of stock video, we kept costs down for this not for profit organisation, whilst producing a professional output.


We work with you on your photography & videography activities differently depending on your unique needs, providing you with the maximum amount of flexibility. Some clients engage us for a one-off photo or video shoot to capture the assets they need with a set project in mind, whilst others engage us on an ongoing basis to conduct monthly photo shoots at their premises of new product releases etc. to keep their creative fresh and relevant. In all cases, once engaged we will commence by taking a comprehensive brief, asking you all the question we need to firm up your vision for your photo or video shoot and to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of the shoot.

Our packages mostly break down into one of the following areas:

1) Two hour shoot — Just need a few shots of a small team? Some profile photos for yourself? Some key product shots? Us to attend an event you are hosting and capture some memories? A two hour shoot may be all that you need.

2) Half day shoot — If there are several elements to be shot at the one location, or we’re moving around 1-3 locations (subject to the distance between each) we are most commonly engaged by our clients on a half day shoot.

3) Full day shoot —Sometimes a client may have a big premises with lots going on so we need to spend a full day with them to capture the images or video content we need. Others need us to visit multiple locations, working with aspects like sunrise and sunset, thus requiring a full day shoot.

4) Recurring photo shoots — For clients regularly creating new material, receipting new stock, putting out new products and more, a recurring photo shoot may be the solution for you!

Important Disclaimer
  • If located more than 50km required = mileage at ATO rates for medium car
  • The shoot time is not definitive. Our photographers/videographers will spend as long as they need to capture suitable images/videos. On average our shoots take 2 hours.
  • The above prices are for edited images/videos supplied at the discretion of the photographer or videographer. If further rounds of edits are required, additional charges will apply.
  • It is up to the client to arrange media releases for all people and locations and objects which will be captured in the shoot. We take no responsibility for gaining approval from people or locations.
  • 50% deposit is required on booking. 50% is required on supply of the images/video content
Cancellations or Failure to Meet Deadlines:
  • Once your shoot has been booked in, all cancellations for reschedule must be received at least 2 business days prior to the build or a cancellation fee of $250 + GST will apply as we are not always able to rebook other clients for this time and a lot of administration time goes into planning and coordinating the team for the day.
  • A maximum of 1 reschedule is permitted. After that, all reschedules will incur a fee of $250 + GST (regardless of when it is rescheduled).
  • Does not include props, makeup, hair, backdrops etc. The client is expected to have this ready to go on arrival of scheduled photographer or videographer.
  • Details of the shoot have to be defined prior to the photographer/videographer prior to getting to there. Changes may incur extra charges.
  • The above is for one location only. Additional locations will incur extra charges. We can outline these after a briefing.

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