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Let’s face it. Stock photos are, well, stock photos. And home job photo and video shoots are, well, home jobs. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level you should be using a high quality and professionally shot image or video. And in some cases you really don’t have a choice. For instance if you’re a restaurant, you really can’t use somebody else’s food shots by way of stock imagery. They should be your own. If you’re a real estate agent, you need your own stock too. And if you’re wanting to capture an event? Well people will know for sure if those shots aren’t from your event and it is all a little generic. Select the photo shoot package that best suits you and start getting your photos!

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We have photographers and videographers in a wide range of locations across Australia ready to work with you!

With a suite of professional shot images or videos, you can update the main sliders on your website, display professional product shots on your e-commerce site to really showcase and sell your products, wow audiences on your social media channels, get people clicking on your email marketing campaigns, and generally look your best as a company – there are eyeballs everywhere. The Creative Collective are proud to now have a wide range of photography and videography packages to complement our other digital marketing services.

Get us to arrange a photo shoot package so you have the creative you need to do digital marketing well, or tag one of these packages on to one of our social media packages so we can make more impact and get you better results. The choice is yours.

Our team of photographers and videographers can help you with everything from consultancy in helping conceptualise your idea, or can enhance you digital marketing activities or campaigns with powerful photo shoots or video shoots on everything from products to commercial items, events and lifestyle photography, culinary, head shots, real estate and more. We can do on location or in studio photography — of items and people — the choice is yours.

Whilst there are a range of indicative photo shoot packages we can offer, there is no ‘one size fits all’. So probably best if you go right ahead and enquire so we can speak and work out the best photographer and duration for you based on your needs.

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Our Photography Services


Need to capture head shots of your staff individually or as a team? Want some of them working on site to use as authentic images demonstrating what it is you do on your website and other marketing materials.

We have photographers based all over Australia who can come to your premises and capture your team’s best side.

An example of a team shoot, we travelled to Morrisett in NSW and conducted a half day shoot capturing staff profile shots, and the team in action in the workshop using equipment. Owned by Toshiba, PGSR is an industrial solutions provider for customers with requirements for Turbo Machinery and Rotating Equipment Maintenance such as power stations, industrial manufacturing plants etc.

Photos were used on their new website (also created by us), their social media content (also managed by us) and in their general marketing materials.  Check out photos from the on site shoot here.


The Creative Collective have completed many product photo shoots for a range of companies. Some companies get us to come to their location and shoot their products, while others have their products sent to our Sunshine Coast or Newcastle offices where we can set up light boxes and studios to best showcase their products.

As an example, Japanese wellness brand Abios engaged The Creative Collective to set up and manage an Instagram account for their new product “Soy Oil Skincare”. In the first two months of the Instagram account being active, the page gained 200 organic followers.

The Creative Collective was also engaged on a monthly photo shoot package to regularly create fresh content for the account. Our photography packages are quite flexible depending on the clients needs. For Abios the package was customised to allow for ongoing monthly photoshoots.

This project is quite specific and intricate, in that the Instagram account is targeting a Japanese audience. The team on this project have developed a detailed process, which entails a photoshoot in the first week of the month and in the same week our in house social media content manager is tasked with finding stock images for the following month. In the second week, a mock up of the Instagram grid layout is prepared for the client to approve before the captions are prepared and written by our social media content manager in English. In the third week, the captions are sent to a translator to change the text to Japanese and ensure it makes sense in the Japanese language. In the final week, the posts are all scheduled to go up for the next month. To the right is a sample product shot.


The Creative Collective have attended many events and been the official photographer. This includes book launches, brand and product launches, Christmas parties, social events, corporate events and much more.

We have photographers based all over Australia who can attend your event for just a small part of the agenda, or the entire event, subject to your budget and requirements. Some clients combine our photography services at events with other services such as live social media posting to further amplify the event.

An example of an event shoot we covered was being the official photographer for Facebook Australia as part of x5 workshops they held across Australia during Queensland Small Business Week.

Our photographer travelled to Cairns, Townsville, Gladstone, Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast to capture the live events which saw over 500 people attend shooting everything from the trainers on stage to the workshop attendees and the merchandise handed out on the day.


We love food and we love shooting food, beverages and the hospitality industry in general! We’ve done lots of work in this space.

We travelled to Tasmania and shot x3 local restaurants in the North East region of Bicheno, St Helens & Coles Bay which made the shoot very economical for all parties. This included taking shots of their food, beverages, staff and external premises which they could use in all aspects of marketing.

The shoot elevated staff morale and the public perception of these popular restaurants and cafes. Images were used on TripAdvisor listings, Google My Business listings, company websites, social media and more.


We realise that not all jobs are the same and are more than happy to work with you to create a custom package to suit your needs. This may be because you need a multi-day shoot, help with organising talent, make up, hair, props, location scouting and more. You may want to combine some drone footage with some static images.

As an example, Sunshine Coast based business Enhanced Living contracted us to conduct a two day photo and video shoot consisting of three locations, three photographers, a drone and booking talent to showcase their unique Theraholidays product, their premises, their clients and their people. The client now has a stable of authentic images and video content to use in all of their marketing material ongoing.

Talk to us about your needs and we cab design you a bespoke quote too.



Creative direction is a skill gained from many years of working on photo and video shoots. There is a lot more that goes into a shoot than most people realise and those with relevant creative direction experience can ensure a shoot goes off like clockwork and as per the detailed brief we take prior to the shoot.

This may include directing talent on where to stand or how to stand or sit for photos, adjusting clothing, hair, background or props so things look natural and on brand.

Selecting suitable backgrounds and lighting at the location, ensuring talent are briefed and informed throughout the day as the shoot progresses and much more.

For larger shoots we highly recommend provisioning for a Creative Director to attend your shoot to ensure the best possible outcomes. You’ll also be pleased to know that some of our photographers are also experienced creative directors so can double as both!


Want to ensure you have enough photo assets for your upcoming social media calendar, email marketing, Google Ads or general marketing? Perhaps you have product releases on a periodic i.e. monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis? Perhaps you release a new menu for your restaurant every so often? If so, working with us on a recurring basis is a great way to go as it helps you get organised and stay ahead of the content game.

We simply lock in on a recurring rhythm i.e. monthly, quarterly or half yearly then work with you throughout the year to brief in each shoot and make all necessary arrangements to ensure everything goes off like clockwork!

To give an example, we have complete quarterly photo shoots at either the Stellarossa head office in Brisbane for their new menu launches each season (winter and summer) or at one of their many locations.

Images are used on all their marketing including email marketing, social media posts (Facebook + Instagram), social media ads and more.

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