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Looking for a quality Linkedin training course in person or online from trainers that actually know Linkedin and use it in their own businesses and know what’s working right now?

Let us show you how to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time at one of our online, one on one, private group training, or scheduled public Linkedin training courses or workshops.

Have specific dates in mind? Get a group together from your region or company and we will send an experienced Linkedin trainer to run live training with you or your team.

You can be assured that when you register for Linkedin training courses and workshops with us, you will be connecting with the top Linkedin trainers available.

Our Linkedin training courses and workshops are intimate – we recommend 1 trainer per 8-12 persons to ensure a quality learning experience.

We have been offering Linkedin training courses since 2009 and our point of difference is that we are a digital marketing agency actively working on client’s Linkedin accounts AND offering training, so we can share our best tricks with you and keep completely up to date! And you can come to us if you need help! We can train you in how to set up your Linkedin profile, pages or groups; how to prepare and schedule content on Linkedin, how to boost content on Linkedin with budget; how to conduct Linkedin Outreach, how to run Linked Ads and much more.

You can be assured that when you register for Linkedin training with us, you will be connecting with the top Linkedin trainers available.

See below Linkedin online training currently available or enquire about designing a bespoke Linkedin training session for you one on one, or for your entire team.

If you have any other questions about our Linkedin training courses and workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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With hundreds of millions of business professionals around the world using it and several million users in Australia alone, if you are looking for ways to connect with and market to other business professionals, this is the social network for you because you are a B2B (business to business) organisation, or simply because you understand that often times it’s not what you know but who you know, this is the session for you.

Sign up for this webinar series with our experienced Linkedin trainers who will take you through:

SESSION 1 – Getting started with Linkedin profiles – setting up or improving your profile

SESSION 2 – Growing your networks – How to find & make the right connections on LinkedIn 

SESSION 3 – Getting started with linkedin pages & linkedin groups

SESSION 4 – An introduction to LinkedIn advertising 

Each session is one hour long, and you will encouraged to do some basic homework to complete in between sessions to get the most out of the series and all series will be recorded so you can revisit content, or catch up on anything you miss.

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