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Before she founded Briese Botanicals, Kelly’s skincare regime was not unlike that of many women: she wasn’t always diligent about what she put on her body, she regularly purchased the ‘next best thing’, leaving her with a bathroom full of half used products. Even though she was an ardent fan of nature, working in the environmental field, this passion did not translate to her choice of skin care products.
However, whilst recovering from a major accident in 2005, Kelly discovered that products containing synthetic ingredients were aggravating her newly sensitive skin. Building on her knowledge from working in the Australian bush, Kelly began extensively researching the use of native botanicals for healing.
Upon learning the immense healing qualities of Australian-grown botanicals, Briese Botanicals was born. Leveraging the knowledge held by indigenous people for generations, our skincare formulations are made up of a wide range of ancient botanicals, from plants to seeds and oils.
We were engaged by Briese Botanicals over a one year period on a range of projects including:
  • Preparing and providing a digital opportunities report outlining keywords she could position for
  • Graphic design & print of some promotional postcards
  • Strategic consulting including advising on website architecture / page naming, hierarchy etc, advising on UI (user interface) – layout/design/way people will engage with page, ensuring calls to action throughout site, and consulting on positioning of key elements to ensure the site’s highest chance of conversion 
  • Beauty copywriting – Creating up to x15 web pages – with consideration to SEO i.e. which keywords to include, whilst using on brand and action inducing copy including: x3 blog posts, x8 product pages, x1 top level shop page, x1 media page, x1 about us page, x1 home page.

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