Early Autism Services

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Early Autism Services

Early Autism Services approached The Creative Collective seeking to drive broader awareness for the brand in key regions where centres are located and participation in their services across the organisation’s centres and we recognised Google Advertising campaigns were the best solution.

Early Autism Services (EAS) is an organisation dedicated to empowering autistic children to lead fulfilling and independent lives. EAS focuses on providing high-quality support services, respectful therapies, and tailored educational strategies that leverage each child’s unique strengths and differences.

During our 12-month engagement, The Creative Collective’s strategic Google Advertising campaigns aimed to raise awareness of EAS and drive relevant traffic to the brand website. To achieve this, we conducted thorough keyword research at the beginning and throughout our engagement to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for EAS.

Additionally, we consistently monitored campaign performance, creating new campaigns, changing bidding strategies and optimising campaign structure and ad copy to resonate with the target audience and ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

Over the 12-month engagement, we generated the following impact:

  • 697 Conversions (up 87%)
    • 390 submitted lead forms
    • 235 phone calls
    • 72 contacts
  • 414,000 Impressions (up 91%)

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