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An industry pioneer and technical expert, Alastair Loxton is The Creative Collective's SEO Specialist. He has been at the forefront of online marketing since the late 90’s and has launched, managed and consulted to hundreds of successful online businesses all over the world.

He was one of the first Google Adwords Professionals and Yahoo! Search Ambassadors in the world, making contributions to Google’s Quality Score algorithm and training Google and Yahoo! account executives. He now spends an equal amount of time in Europe, Asia and Australia armed with a laptop and Skype.

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimisation Explained

There are over 200 factors which determine where your website ranks on any particular search engine at any particular time. These factors are constantly changing and yet they boil down to two things: Relevancy and Popularity.

Search engines work by indexing websites on the Internet and using the content and other attributes on those sites to display results to those searching. The ranking of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs) is usually calculated by looking at 2 main factors:

A) On-site | Relevancy of content on the site:
The relevancy of the content is usually judged by such factors as keyword density of certain keywords or phrases a user is searching on, the page title, name of images, number of pages of the site with relevant content, how recent the content is, keywords in the headings and many other factors.

B) Off-site | Popularity of the website:
There are many factors which influence search engine's calculation of popularity, but it is typically calculated by looking at the number and trustworthiness of links to a website. Normally quality is more important than quantity of incoming links.

The two above factors contribute to what search engines call the 'algorithm' to judge website relevancy. These days it is also a function of “who you know” rather than “what you know” as Google et al. are placing more and more importance on the discussions customers are having about your business on Facebook and other social websites. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are becoming more integrated every day.

Search Engine Ranking 

Search Engine Ranking

The ranking of your website in search engine results typically influences the amount of traffic that your website gets from search engines.

Websites at the top of the first page on search engine results pages tend to get exponentially more traffic than those at the bottom of the first page, let alone those on the second and third pages.

Accordingly, competition is tougher at the top as your competitors will also engage in search engine optimisation activities to keep the prize position.

The Creative Collective search engine optimisation team can research keywords that relate to your business and prepare a forecast that estimates how many new customers you are likely to generate with search engine optimisation of your website.

SEO Services

Our range of SEO services cater for most budgets and circumstances however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact your nearest office:

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SEO Management

The Creative Collective has learned what works for different businesses. In some cases a local approach works best, targeting the right markets and customising websites for a specific audience.

For others it is a case of increasing the number of keywords the website appears for as much as possible. Speak with The Creative Collective today about your business goals so we can tailor an SEO management package to suit your business.

SEO Management Sunshine Coast
SEO Management Brisbane
SEO Management Gold Coast
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SEO Assessment

SEO Assessment

Before committing to anything you may like The Creative Collective to assess your existing website.

The Creative Collective has prepared hundreds of SEO Assessment documents over the years which provides you with insight into:

  • Keyword research: search demand, estimated Click Through Rate (CTR), expected sales & ROI
  • Competitor analysis: positions, estimated traffic & sales volume
  • Website review: site architecture, Google Webmaster Tools settings & on page optimisation check list
  • Recommendations: adhering to Google Webmaster Tools, integrating social media strategy & improving ROI

SEO Assessment Sunshine Coast
SEO Assessment Brisbane
SEO Assessment Gold Coast
SEO Assessment Newcastle
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