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Delight Dental

Delight Dental Spa contacted us in the lead up to their opening to assist them with some of their early marketing requirements.

The practice offers cosmetic dental solutions such as teeth straightening using techniques such as Invisalign, dental veneers and bonding, teeth whitening and cosmetic injectables to offer its clients a complete smile solution.

As they had already contracted another company to produce a company website which was not due to be launched until close to the practice’s fit out was complete, we suggested the development of a landing page, and launching an anticipation campaign to build the practice’s Instagram + Facebook channels prior to launch.

This included developing a social media strategy, their Instagram aesthetic, developing a landing page on, developing an initial Facebook Advertising campaign, creating a Google My Business listing, and commencing posting on their Facebook + Instagram channels.

Once the practice was officially launched we continued posting on Facebook, with the client choosing to in-house their Instagram posts; as well as running Facebook + Google Advertising campaigns with some excellent results.

The launch campaign, a Teeth Whitening Competition was shown to 25,510 people, with 867 Link Clicks from 52,860 impressions and costing only 0.99 per link click and a CTR of 2.98% (well above the international average for CTR on Facebook from within the Healthcare industry is 0.83%).

Leadpages had 427 conversions (people entering the competition) from 1137 visits a conversion rate of 38%.

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