Branding Basics According To The Experts

Branding Basics According To The Experts

Creating your brand has to be one of the most important aspects of your business. Your identity, values and mission are all represented in your brand.

It’s usually the first thing people see when they come across your business and first impressions last. Making that first impression count is critical to getting customers that return time and time again. 

So let’s look at some basic branding rules that will elevate your brand and give you a solid foundation on your business to build upon.

Start by identifying your audience

Knowing who you’re targeting is important, as it will shape the way you communicate with them and potentially convert them to paying customers. 

In most businesses, there’s more than one type of customer, so it is important that you create multiple, or segmented, audiences. This allows you to be more personable with your customer talking to them in a way that links to their preferences, values, interests and even gender and age.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Your brand should have a unique value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

Try to find a way of presenting your brand that others don’t. Carve yourself a unique space in the market that you own and always use this as your point of difference. 

A clear and consistent brand message that really sells the why to your customers is valuable and should be a priority in your branding exercise. 

Consistency is key

Your brand should always be consistent in all forms of communication and touchpoints with the customer. 

  • Display your logo correctly as per your brand guidelines 
  • The colour palette should be used consistently 
  • The right fonts must be used on all forms of advertising and marketing collateral
  • The tone of voice in your brand should also be consistent, whether it’s on the radio, or in a call centre. 

When branding is consistent it will become trusted and instantly recognisable. 

Give quality every time. 

You want your customers to think of quality in relation to your brand. 

Always meet or even exceed your customers’ expectations. A Brand that doesn’t will fail. 

In all your communications, talk to your customers and of your difference to competitors, the quality of your service or product and your commitment to their needs. 

Be memorable

Repeat customers are what you want, so being remembered is as important as being instantly recognisable. It’s what helps your brand last the test of time. 

The most important factor you need to build your brand is to create something unique, that only your brand has. Don’t copy other brands, but do:

  • Elevate your brand
  • Stand out 
  • Be remembered for the right reasons. 

Be authentic

Be true to your values and mission, and make sure you communicate that well. 

Customers will always appreciate a brand that sings with honesty and authenticity. Your brand is your figurehead, make sure it represents who you are as a business. 

Listen to your customers 

Your customers are your best friend. You should regularly listen to them whether it’s praise or negative feedback. 

They will help you identify gaps where improvements can be made to enhance your brand. Listening to your customers shows respect and value which in turn builds customer loyalty and trust.  

Next steps

Being a great brand is crucial for any business that wants to hit its goals. 

You must know your customers well and you must be able to talk to them as if they were individuals. 

You must stand apart from the competition and carve out your own space in the market that you and you alone own. 

Always be consistent with your brand and be memorable and authentic.

Treat your customers with respect, listen to their story and make adjustments if necessary to maintain customer loyalty. 

By doing all of this your brand will truly resonate with your customers and your business will keep on growing. 

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