Yvette Adams

Our founder Yvette Adams is a sought after and experienced public speaker who is called on to speak at a wide range of events. Over the years of doing public speaking she has mastered the art of preparing quality presentations on relevant topics and delivering them in a way that will really hit the mark at your next event. Please download Yvette’s full speaker kit below or read on to learn more about her.

Yvette’s Bio

Yvette Adams is a multi-award winning business woman who has started six businesses, has sold two, acquired one, and currently runs three – The Creative Collective – a digital marketing agency specialising in social media; The Training Collective – a digital skills training organisation, and awardshub.com – an online portal which helps people find business awards to enter.

She is passionate about supporting youth, education, technology and female leadership and is a twice published author. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, she spent most of her 20s using London as a base and travelling the world, interspersed with a career as a journalist before settling on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 2004.

Today she is regularly called on as a keynote speaker, panelist and MC for events both online and in person. She is also a mother to two teens, a step mum to two more, and in her downtime loves doing anything to do with the ocean (fishing, surfing, boating, snorkelling).

From 2019 to 2021 she was one of 10 official Community Trainers for Facebook Australia & NZ. She  has sat and passed exams achieving her Digital Marketing Associate + Media Planning + Media Buying credentials – globally recognised certification awarded by Facebook to individuals who demonstrate advanced-level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing with the Facebook family of products. In 2021 she was a finalist in the Social Media Marketing Awards for Social Media Educator of the Year.

For more info or to connect professionally with Yvette see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvetteadams/

If you are interested in having Yvette speak at an event please complete the form on our speaker page or email bec@www.thecreativecollective.com.au

See her book: ‘No Kidding — Why Our Kids Know More About Us Than Technology and What We Need To Do About It’.

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Speaker on Digital Topics

Yvette is a pioneer in the digital marketing and social media space, having started in the online world in the year 2000. In 2002 she launched her first online business selling teeshirts in an era where customers were dubious about buying. things online via PayPal!

In 2006 she sold the teeshirt business and in 2007 started her own full service creative agency offering digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and social media right from the get go.

By 2008 she had begun offering training in the form of workshops and webinars, and in 2009 she won a significant contract with Queensland Government to
develop and deliver webinars on a wide range of topics including many digital marketing topics, a contract she held until 2013. In 2010 she was responsible for
developing and delivering a contract aimed at getting more small businesses online across Queensland and since then she has developed and delivered
multiple programs helping thousands of businesses to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

She has been recognised with many accolades for doing so including being named a Digital Champion in 2016 by the Queensland Government, being named ICT Woman of the Year at the iAwards in 2013 and being awarded a Peacey Award in 2018, given to people for their lifetime contribution to the IT world.

Where people who see her speak require further support, herself and her well trained and passionate team (who are based at physical offices on the Sunshine Coast and Newcastle, with further consultants & trainers based
all over Australia), are well positioned to provide additional consulting, training or services.

Such is her level of experience and standing in the industry, she has been called on by organisations such as Google Australia and Facebook Australia to deliver training on their behalf, including being announced in
2019 as one of only 10 official Facebook Community Trainers in Australia, a role she held until 2021.
In 2019 she was a keynote at the highly regarded Futures Social Media conference in Melbourne and in 2020 she featured online at an international social media summit called SOFA.

With her unique combined experience of delivering both digital marketing services + training for many years, Yvette is well positioned to give a keynote or workshop at your next event to absolute beginners through to seriously advanced levels.

Yvette was honoured in the Pearcey Hall of Fame at the Pearcey Awards in 2018 which recognises individuals who have made very significant lifetime contributions to Australia’s ICT industry.

Speaker on Youth Topics

Having started her first business at just 17 years old and having started five more businesses before the age of 40, Yvette is now often called on as a motivational youth speaker.

She hosted her own online show featuring Australia’s best up and coming young entrepreneurs called ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ which can be accessed on YouTube or via the popular app BizVersity. A mother of two teens and a step Mum to two more, she wrote a book ‘No Kidding — Why Kids Know More About Technology Than Us and What We Can Do About It’ which she released in 2014 with much media coverage. With her fast paced, authentic and fun delivery style she appeals to both young
audiences and their influencers (parents, carers, and teachers and as such has been brought in to motivate and speak at many schools, fundraisers and more.

Through her motivational speaking in front of teenagers and students she has inspired and informed hundreds of youths, and would love the opportunity to give a motivational speech at your next event too!

Yvette is a highly accomplished and versatile young motivational speaker and is as comfortable talking about her personal journey of starting her first business at 17 and selling it, as she is about her personal struggles of having people take her seriously as a young ambitious female on her way to the top.

Yvette was one of three keynote presenters at a Youth Forum for Tablelands Regional Council in March 2018

Speaker at Women’s Events

Since winning the Business owner of the Year category at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2010, Yvette has been called on to share her story and inspire and motivate audiences at numerous women’s events.
Having started six businesses, sold two and acquired one, and from being the Chair of the Australia Institute of Company Directors Sunshine Coast committee for two years, completing the AICD Company Directors course and Chairing the Knowledge & Professional Services Taskforce for the Sunshine Coast Council for two years, she is a strong advocate for diversity and female leadership.

Yvette is a firm believer in the power of leading in an authentic & kind manner as a woman, and has many stories of how she has demonstrated this in her career, and been challenged on it.

Yvette has been recognised with multiple other business awards in addition to winning the Telstra Business Women’s award including winning the 2013 ICT Woman of the Year at the national iAwards (the IT industries most prestigious awards), the the Entrepreneurial
Award and the Employer of Choice at the 2012 Women in IT Awards.
As a female inspirational speaker, she has inspired and informed audiences of all backgrounds and genders, and would love the opportunity to be an inspirational speaker at your next event too!

Yvette was a speaker at a Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network event in 2019.
Yvette has spoken to many international women’s groups including those from nations such as Bangledesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more.

Speaker for Startup, Entrepreneurial & Business Audiences

Having started six businesses, sold two, acquired one and now running three in a variety of industries, Yvette is well equipped to speak to startup, entrepreneurial and business audiences.

Starting all of her businesses with zero capital, and boot-
strapping all the way in an era where there was little to no

support for startups; many start ups, entrepreneurs and
businesses small and large have been inspired by Yvette’s business journeys, and love her authentic and real way of conveying the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and business owner of multiple businesses which have been recognised in multiple business awards.

To give back, she has mentored hundreds of startups and
businesses through Startup Weekends and the popular Business Blueprint program by Dale Beaumont since 2013.

Yvette standing with participants of a digital skills workshop delivered on behalf of Queensland Government


  • 10 social media hacks I love (that work!) – format can be 10 minutes to 30 minutes
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset – as presented at TedX – see vide below
  • How to Nail Your Social Media Goals
  • Defining your target audiences on social… – so many people to target, so little targetting going on!
  • Defining your Brand Voice & Image Style on Social Media… … 
  • Facebook Fundraising – Raising money via Facebook as a Not for Profit
  • Moving Beyond Boosted Posts- Getting Started with Boosted Posts on Facebook & Promoted Posts on Instagram
  • Social Media Tools the Pros Use
  • The Power of a Profile – Using Social Media As An Individual
  • Social Media for Business – Reviewing Your Facebook & Instagram Business page and how to get the most out of it
  • Content calendar – how to come up with cool content.
  • What you need to know about Running a Competition on Facebook or Instagram
  • What’s the Story – an introduction to Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin Stories
  • An Introduction to Facebook Business Manager & Ads Manager + Pixels
  • The Benefits of Entering Business Awards (great for a business awards pre workshop or as an MC at business awards ceremonies)
  • Work/life balance
  • Weaving Kindness into Leadership – Being authentic and female but a leader
  • Social media strategy
  • How to Leverage Linkedin
  • Facebook – multiple topics possible include beginner, strategy, Facebook Ads, and advanced
  • How to Digitally Transform a Region – digital up-skilling programs that work
  • No Kidding! Why Our Kids Know More About Technology Than Us (and what we can do about it!)
  • How To Stand Out Online (for all the right reasons)
  • Develop a social media strategy and take your social media to the next level!


Yvette has spoken at an enormous amount of events all of Australia and internationally since 2007. She can speak online or in person where restrictions permit and is very experienced in tailoring presentations to suit specific demographics, knowledge levels and industries. Want to see if she’s available to speak at your event? Contact us on the button below.



  • Digital Careers — International Women’s Day Event — Brisbane
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors — AICD — multiple occasions
  • Edutech — Australasia’s largest Education & Technology event
  • Silicon Coast — the Sunshine Coast’s digital community



  • GJ Gardner
  • Women in Technology
  • In the Booth franchisee conference
  • Brimbank City Council
  • Villa Maria Catholic Homes
  • Savilles
  • Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • DTESB (Qld Government)
  • horseland.com.au
  • Pure Earth Australia
  • Allens Training
  • Australian Tourist Park Management
  • APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre)
  • PHN Central QLD Wide Bay
  • Impressionable Kids
  • Little Athletics Qld
  • Real Estate Council of Australia
  • Lendlease
  • mdaltd.org.au


  • Click Digital Expo — Brisbane — 2014, 2016, 2017
  • QUT
  • Griffith University
  • iAwards Masterclass 2013 & 2014
  • University of the Sunshine Coast
  • SAE Creative Media Institute
  • River City Labs
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Telstra Business Womens Awards alumni
  • Women in Focus (Commonwealth Bank)
  • Terri Cooper Networking events — multiple occasions
  • UNSW Global
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Villa Maria Catholic Homes
  • Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
  • University of New England



We have several other experienced speakers ready to go in a wide range of locations around Australia & NZ who can also speak on a wide range of topics! Interested?