Why we’re helping students get a ‘foot in the door’ this summer!

Why we’re helping students get a ‘foot in the door’ this summer!

We’ve taken loads of interns over the years. And some of you may be familiar with how Katrina Lees, who is a partner of The Creative Collective, started at the company as an intern back in 2007, later became a contractor, then a franchisee and as of 1 January 2014, a partner! I guess you could say that we’re pretty big fans of interns given our history!

Some of our interns have gone on to become Marketing Managers of big brands. Others to run their own businesses. Others to become staff or contractors for our company. And in the very least we’ve provided them with experience, references and connections which have helped them build their careers, which we feel really good about. Right now we’re even hosting an intern from Germany!

We’re therefore proud to be involved in the Foot in the Door campaign, an initiative created by the Knowledge and Professional Services Industry taskforce for the Sunshine Coast Council which our founder Yvette Adams sits on.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging more businesses on the Sunshine Coast to take on student interns this summer, as well as encouraging students to sign up for potential internships.

The campaign key message, is that if every employer on the Sunshine Coast took just one intern on, what a big difference this could make to our community!

So can you lead the way and take an intern over this summer? Can you encourage other employers to do so?

Can you connect young people in your networks to this opportunity?

We hope so!

Please find below and attached a swag of marketing collateral ready for you to push this out to your networks on social media, email, or just by mentioning it where relevant as you travel in business circles.

Have a watch of the campaign video below, there’s both a short version (1:39) and a long version (6 minutes) depending on how long you’ve got.

Thanks for your support, and please use the #footinthedoor hashtag if you’re sharing it out on social. The campaign’s website is www.footinthedoor.co. The campaign runs until end January 2016.






Have you seen this cool video featuring local students & local employers talking about the benefits of internships? Watch it now: https://ow.ly/UFndB #footinthedoor

If every business on the #sunshinecoast took just one #intern, imagine the difference it could have on the lives of the youth in our community. Please share! https://ow.ly/UFndB #footinthedoor

Sunny Coast students need a ‘foot in the door’ at your workplace. Try them out with an #internship. Please share! https://ow.ly/UFndB #footinthedoor

Sunny Coast students need workplace experience. Get an #intern in this summer. Please share! https://ow.ly/UFndB #footinthedoor


Get yourself an #internship on the #sunshinecoast this summer through the #footinthedoor campaign. More: https://ow.ly/UFmZo

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It’s a new year! Could you do with some help? Find an intern to work with here:  https://ow.ly/UFn5T  #footinthedoor

EMPLOYERS! Need help? Get yourself an #intern this summer through the #footinthedoor campaign. More: https://ow.ly/UFn5T

Interns can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to your workplace this summer. Get one: https://ow.ly/UFn5T #footinthedoor

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