What makes a good brand?

What makes a good brand?

It is important when coming up with a business name and a logo that you consider lots of different factors. However, the brand is more then just the logo – it is the marketing messages, the imagery, the customer service etc. Here are some of our suggestions for evaluating a business name and logo.

1. Does it have longevity? It is important that the business name be one that won’t date (eg. millennium law) and will support your future business plans (e.g if you one day want to sell it might not be a great idea to use your name in the business name).

2. Is it easy to say & easy to remember? Does the brand fit the market – will they understand the words and remember them?

3. Is it brandable? How can elements be used throughout marketing so that people make a connection with the brand, even when the logo isn’t displayed? For example, can an element of the brand such as icon be used in other ways such as watermarks etc.

5. Is it unique? Does it compete on a level playing field with competitors without copying them?

6. How will it print? Logos with too many colours can be costly to print – is the logo reversible? Can it be used on coloured backgrounds?

7. Does it lend itself to possible expansion? What if you expand? Can the brand move with the business, or be easily amended to suit expansion or new divisions?