What I learned through interning: Chloe Groen

What I learned through interning: Chloe Groen


Unsure wether you are prepared or skilled enough for an internship with…  the Creative Collective? Let me clear things up for you!

As a second year University student at the University of the Sunshine Coast, hoping to graduate with a Bachelor of Design and Marketing by 2020, I was eager to further develop my skills and gain as much experience as possible. An internship seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so, however I was unsure wether I possessed enough knowledge to apply.

All my worries disappeared as soon as I stepped foot in the bright and welcoming office. The team at the Creative Collective made me feel apart from day one, guiding me through the tasks and offering help whenever needed. As the workplace is small and friendly, I got to experience the creative process first hand.

So if you are eager to learn and motivated, go for it!

Never a dull moment…

Interning at the creative collective means variety, variety, variety. During my time with the Creative Collective I was handed a vast amount of different tasks and jobs, keeping me busy and intrigued! From SEO analysis to actual hands-on website design, I was given the opportunity to extend my knowledge and skills in all areas of my chosen field. Yvette and the team gave me the chance to further develop areas I was still uncertain of. By listening to my strengths and weaknesses and building on these. When interning with the Creative Collective you will work on real-life projects, with the help of the amazing team. Not only was I working on my own tasks involving my area of interest, but also had the opportunity to sit in team meetings and debriefs, client meetings and training sessions!

To sum up, the internship program gives you the chance to witness and get involved in all areas of the industry workplace.

What you take away

During my two month internship I gained new skill sets, as well as became more confident in my abilities.

A few things I am taking away are…

  • Confidence abilities
  • Greater knowledge of my chosen field (Web Development)
  • Experience in the workplace (Great for your CV and will help you stand out!)
  • Advice, tips and tricks of what employers look for and how to develop my skills
  • A professional and extent letter of recommendation
  • A job opportunity!

As sad as it was to finish the internship and leaving the team at the Creative Collective, I was thrilled to have been offered a position on the team as one of their contractors which is something I understand only a select few students are offered.

So don’t be shy and apply! Who knows what an internship with the Creative Collective will bring to you!