What I have learnt throughout my internship at The Creative Collective, Newcastle – Emme Barclay

What I have learnt throughout my internship at The Creative Collective, Newcastle – Emme Barclay


Some wonderful insights from Emme Barclay after completing her internship at The Creative Collective:


Sitting in class, staring out the window during my third and final year of university, it dawned on me. I was about to graduate with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in public relations with barely any industry knowledge or experience! 

In a panic, I was lucky enough to stumble across The Creative Collective’s Internship program and applied straight away. I was attracted first by their stunning website, eagerness to educate the next generation of young marketers, and their impressive list of loyal clients. 

After completing 80 hours with The Creative Collective over three months, I have learnt priceless knowledge, met amazing people and will never look back! 


The real value of interning at The Creative Collective was getting to work with the team on a range of local, national and international clients from all different sectors including beauty, fashion, medical, property and real estate, law and tourism. 

The beauty of this was being able to gain insights into what services look like for different sectors, and getting to experience the type of content and planning that goes into different businesses. 

Variety was not just noticeable in the range of amazing clients I witnessed, but also in the tasks I was given throughout my internship. Tasks in areas such as social media, writing, admin, website analysis and strategy. As I have a true passion for content creation and strategy, with dreams of working in public relations, digital marketing or advertising strategy someday, this experience is truly valuable and unforgettable to me. 

I was lucky enough to attend a strategy session with Kat, which opened my eyes to the world of business and marketing strategy and how the client can get the most out of their business and communication plan. 

Social Media Expertise 

As an aspiring public relations practitioner, social media is a vital part of any campaign plan, proving how fortunate I am to have learnt social media skills while at my internship. 

The amazing social media experts Claire and Holly both taught me how to effectively use social media scheduling platforms Creative Studio, Fanbooster and Buffer. I was tasked with locating current news articles and relevant job postings to draft social media captions for a client, as well as finding suitable stock imagery for posts. 


During my time at The Creative Collective my writing was able to flourish as I was tasked with creating original blogs that have since been posted on the website. 

The most exciting part of my career as a young communication professional so far was the proud moment of seeing my first blog being posted online! 

The support, encouragement and validation that was expressed by the team has helped me grow my writing capabilities and confidence. During my internship, I wrote three employee bios, two case studies and three blogs which is beyond exciting for a new writer!

Industry Insights 

My assistance with admin tasks throughout the experience helped expand my knowledge on the processes and structures within an agency and how everyone works individually as well as together to create outcomes for clients. 

It allowed me to gain an insight into the vast amount of clients that the team looks after, as well as the services those clients typically favour. I was able to learn management and creative softwares for company data and files, including Qwilr, PandaDoc, Google Suite, Canva, Teamwork and Active Campaign. 

I was also able to use my creativity when creating image collages for the company to show possible future clients, this was also a great way to learn how to choose effective images from a photoshoot. In doing admin tasks I was also able to improve my technical formatting skills, using my creative eye to edit company documents and presentations to look visually appealing.

Do I recommend doing an internship with The Creative Collective? 


They have the talent, reach and services of a large agency, combined with the personal and caring nature of a small agency, as the team always makes time to listen to you and your concerns. 

Tasks are left for you to complete at your own pace, teaching discipline and self-motivation, however support is always available and the team are highly approachable at all times during the internship. 

I will cherish my time learning new skills and growing as a person with an amazing team of talented, creative and smart individuals.