What can you do now to ensure business award success in 2014?

What can you do now to ensure business award success in 2014?

If you are thinking about entering business awards in 2014 (and you should!) it is important you plan well ahead.

Now is the perfect time of year to consider what you need to get into place to become a stronger candidate for business awards. Here’s a few tips on things that you should make sure you have in place and ready to pull out as they are commonly requested in business awards submissions:


1. How’s your financial fitness?

Do you know your EBIT from your EBItDA? Whilst not all awards programs require in-depth and verified financials, some do, and anyway, it’s good to have the books up to date! Too busy? Get your accountant on the job!

2. Media coverage

If you’ve never had an article published about you it’s time to create some headlines! Media coverage can help provide social proof that you have a message and you are ready to share it, which judges love! If you already have secured media coverage, make sure it is collated and scanned to a central file that you can easily attach as supporting material. If you haven’t yet secured media coverage, engage a PR professional to help you!


3. Go green

Kermit said that “it ain’t easy being green!” but these days it’s kind of essential, especially when it comes to business awards. No matter which industry you are in, having an environmental conscious will go a long way to winning you brownie points over your fellow competitors.


4. Be charitable

Whilst you may donate sporadically to every man and his dog who asked, even your efforts in this sphere should become more strategic if you are serious about winning business awards. Consider if you were to focus on one particular charity that has a good synergy with your story whether you could make more of an impact. The impact doesn’t even have to be financial. Could you donate your time? Or that of your staff’s to ensure you are giving back?

5. Get tech savvy

Innovation continues to be a big buzz word and the use of cloud technology, social media, apps and having effective systems and procedures are all great things to add to your business award submission to demonstrate that you are keeping up with the digital age. Consider how digital your business is now, and how much it could be, and work to get more technology working for you before you enter your next award.


We hope you found these tips helpful! Want more? Our sister company awardshub.com are specialists in preparing award-winning business award submissions. Pop on over to their Facebook page where they regularly share them!


Have tips of your own from past experience? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.