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Tourism marketing designed to bring people to your destination or attraction

Whether you’re a boutique accommodation, a shuzzy hotel, a bustling city or fast growing region, or a hidden gem of a tourist attraction, The Creative Collective is your dedicated tourism and travel marketing partner. We specialise in capturing the essence of your destination, inspiring travelers, and positioning your brand as a must-visit travel destination or tourist attraction. Let’s collaborate together to create an irresistible allure that beckons travellers to come and visit or return for an unforgettable experience with you!

With a team of seasoned travel and tourism experts who are passionate about wanderlust and adventure, we bring a wealth of creativity, innovation, and industry insight to your travel and tourism marketing efforts.

Destination, Events and Tourism Marketing

The most effective destination, events and tourism marketing campaigns are those that not only showcase the destination’s attractions but also create an emotional connection, inspire curiosity, and provide valuable information for potential travellers. 

Our agency specialises in crafting comprehensive marketing strategies and executable campaign and marketing plans for travel destinations, as well as smaller pieces of work including modernising branding, activating digital marketing, producing content and running ads tailored to attract and engage your target audience. 

In the era of digital travel, we particularly excel at harnessing the power of online platforms, social media, and interactive content to engage travellers, boost bookings, and creating a real buzz around your destination or tourism offering. Your audience deserves more than the ordinary. They deserve a seamless experience and user journey – and we are the architects of delivering extraordinary digital marketing solutions specifically for the travel and tourism industry. 

We have extensive experience working with travel destinations and tourism bodies as you can see from our example work below, and understand the dynamics of the industry.

Your Destination. Your Story. Our Expertise.

Your destination is a masterpiece, waiting to be unveiled and marketed to the right audience. We are your marketing partners, helping you reach your marketing goals. Think of us as a helping hand, bridging the gap between your destination and your digital audience. 

Our expertise lies in understanding the intricate nuances of travel marketing and using various digital mediums to ensure your destination’s story is not only told but also celebrated.

Over the years, our team have completed numerous projects for the tourism and travel industry through both retainer and short-term-based projects. 

We have team members who have worked in and understand the unique needs of the tourism and travel industry. Both of our Partners, have worked within the industry both in Australia and internationally.

Whatever your need, whether it be establishing a new tourism brand, or refreshing an old one, building or updating a tourism website, directing and planning photo and video shoots, social media, paid ads, or consulting services, we have you covered. 

Say goodbye to the pain of mismatched expectations, let us co-create digital marketing assets that resonate with your audience.
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Our Non Profit Marketing Services

Tourism marketing strategy

We conduct in-depth market research to create tailored tourism marketing strategies, that touch on the unique characteristics of the destination. We craft strategies that align seamlessly with your marketing objective,  leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise to customise every aspect of your marketing plan. We work closely with you to ensure your strategy stands out and delivers measurable results.

Destination marketing

Working with a destination marketing focused agency not only ensures the effective communication of your destination’s story but also allows for the implementation of innovative and industry-tailored tactics, resulting in a competitive edge and heightened success in a market that demands a nuanced and strategic approach.

Successful destination marketing campaigns generally utilise a mix of channels, including social media, print, digital, and traditional media, to maximize reach and engagement across various platforms.

Tourism & Travel website

A well-crafted tourism and travel website serves as the gateway to your destination. In a highly competitive industry, working with a full service marketing agency who have extensive experience in building tourism and travel websites will ensure all key elements are considered including SEO migration plans, booking engines, tracking conversions, user-friendly designs, mobile responsiveness, fast loading and more.

Tourism & Travel SEO

Tourism and Travel SEO is paramount for ensuring your destination stands out in online searches, making collaboration with a marketing agency essential to optimise your website, enhance visibility, and attract the right audience seeking travel experiences.

Tourism Advertising Campaign

Our tourism advertising campaigns play a pivotal role in promoting destinations at key intervals in the calendar year, and inspiring potential travellers to come for the first time and previous visitors to return. 

Through well-crafted tourism advertising campaigns, we can showcase your unique features and attractions, be they natural landscapes or man-made experiences, and create a powerful narrative that will be compelling enough for the target market to move through the marketing funnel.

Effective tourism advertising campaigns leverage compelling storytelling, captivating visuals, and strategic targeting to inspire wanderlust and encourage travel. 

They typically focus on showcasing the unique culture, experiences, and attractions of a destination.

Tourism digital marketing

Tourism digital marketing enables destinations to reach a global audience through various online channels, ensuring a broad and impactful presence that transcends geographical boundaries.

Leveraging tourism digital marketing allows destinations to engage with travellers at every stage of their journey, from inspiration to planning and booking, fostering a seamless and personalised experience that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The importance of tourism digital marketing lies in its ability to not only increase visibility and reach but also to provide measurable insights and data, allowing businesses to adapt and optimise strategies in real time for continuous improvement and sustained success in the competitive travel industry.

Social Media and tourism

We have worked with many travle and tourism clients on their social media content.

Encouraging travellers to share their travel experiences on social media through user-generated content (UGC) on social media also adds authenticity to content and can be very effective. This can include social media posts, reviews, and testimonials.

Tailoring & boosting social media content to specific demographics and interests ensures that the campaign resonates with the intended audience. Personalised content increases the likelihood of engagement.

Clear and compelling calls to action prompt potential travellers to take the next steps, whether it’s visiting a website, booking a trip, or engaging with social media content.

Interactive and Immersion to promote tourism destinations & experiences

Interactive elements, such as virtual reality (VR) experiences or interactive websites, can provide a more immersive and engaging way for potential tourists to explore a destination. We partner with a VR & AR (augmented reality) specialist agency to execute on innovative and creative interactive and immerise experiences to promote your tourism destination or attraction.

Define your destination’s allure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! We have a range of speakers who have experience speaking at tourism and destination events, occasionally for free but generally on a paid basis. We have featured at conferences, workshops, and panels and even MCed some events, given our deep understanding of the industry.

Yes! As well as offering tourism marketing services, we also offer a range of training solutions both online and in person in a range of locations. We can teach your marketing person or team just one aspect of marketing, or develop a training program to upskill your entire organisation.

Digital marketing enhances your online visibility, engages a wider audience, and drives targeted traffic to your destination – resulting in increased bookings and sustained growth.

By implementing strategic digital marketing tactics, your destination can differentiate itself, showcase unique offerings, and stay top-of-mind among potential travellers, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic tourism market.


We use analytics tools such as Agency Analytics, GA4, Google Search Console, and more to track key performance indicators (KPIs), providing detailed insights into campaign effectiveness, audience engagement, and conversion rates for continuous optimisation.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) include website analytics, engagement rates, social media interactions, and booking metrics. We provide regular reports to keep you informed of the campaign’s progress.

Certainly. We’ll provide a detailed breakdown that outlines how the allocated budget will be distributed across different channels and activities, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment for your specific destination.

Communication is crucial. We’ll establish regular updates, reporting schedules, and open lines of communication to ensure seamless collaboration throughout the destination marketing initiatives.

We take the time to understand your destination thoroughly and align our strategies with your unique identity. Consistency is vital for building and maintaining a strong brand presence in the travel and tourism sector.

How do you ensure consistency with our destination’s brand identity and messaging in your marketing efforts?

We value your input. Our approach is flexible, and we are open to adjustments based on your feedback or changes in destination marketing goals. Our commitment is to your satisfaction and the success of your travel destination or tourist attraction.

Our pricing is flexible and transparent. We offer various models, including flat fees, retainers, and project-based pricing. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your budget and destination objectives.

While results can vary, our strategies are designed to provide both short-term impact and long-term success. We’ll provide a realistic timeline based on the specific goals and objectives of your destination.

Absolutely. We’ve successfully executed campaigns that have increased destination awareness, engaged audiences across various platforms, and contributed to a significant boost in tourism. Case studies are available upon request.

We conduct thorough research to understand the unique features, target audience, and market trends specific to your destination. Our strategies are customised to align with your goals, whether it’s promoting local culture, adventure, or relaxation.

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