The rise of influencer marketing & the power of instagram

The rise of influencer marketing & the power of instagram

When you’re a geek like me, it’s only rare occasions that you meet a fellow business woman at a business event, start talking social media, and start having an equal exchange of information. Usually it’s a one way street, with me sharing as generously as I can all my pearls of social media wisdom garnered from being active on social networks for both myself and our clients for a number of years.

So it was an absolute joy to meet Sarah Timberland from Beginning Boutique at a function in Brisbane earlier this year put on by Telstra, for all the past Telstra Business Awards winners.

“How do you do this?” “What do you think of that?” and “I KNOW!” we exclaimed as we compared notes on social platforms, new features and trends in the space.

When I have conversations like this, I often think ‘God I wish the rest of my team could be in on this, or my clients!’ which is why when I find someone special who is worth interviewing like Sarah, I ask them to join me on a lunch & learn webinar.

At 1230pm Qld time on Thu 12 November I’ll be interviewing Sarah Timberland from Beginning Boutique about ‘The rise of influencer marketing & the power of instagram’ as part of one of these free lunchtime webinars so you can be part of the conversation!

Sarah’s company’s online store whose main customers are tech-savvy women aged 18-24, has built a massive following on social media and boasts 491k Facebook likers and 524k followers on Instagram.

Sarah and her team regularly engage influencers to grow their online community and drive engagement and sales.

I was a journalist for many years and still write for a number of publications and get a real kick out of interviewing fellow successful people in the tech space as I learn a whole lot, and so does our audience. We hope you can join us and please feel free to share with anyone else you think might be interested.

See you online in a couple of weeks!