The Digital Skills You Need To Get A Job & Build a Business

The Digital Skills You Need To Get A Job & Build a Business

There is a HUGE change happening in the world today, and it’s almost entirely driven by one particular thing: Technology. Whether you are a student looking to get your first job, a parent returning to work, seeking to change or advance your career or are running a business that you want to grow, there’s no doubting that you need to know and understand technology.

Whilst there are initiatives sloooowly rolling out across Australia, opportunities are likely passing you by if you haven’t made an effort to seek and gain digital skills yourself.

Right now there is a skills shortage of approximately 10,000 ICT (information communications technology) jobs in Australia. And the other cool thing about having these skills is you can work from home, on your own terms, selling your skills to a global market, or even better, creating the next big thing in the form of an app or website.

Over in America they’re very aware of the digital skills shortage, to the point The White House has launched the TechHire Initiative to “meet urgent employer demands” for “high-paying tech jobs.”

“When these tech jobs go unfilled, it’s a missed opportunity for low-wage workers who could transform their earnings potential with just a little bit of training. And that costs our whole economy in terms of lost wages and productivity”


– President Barack Obama, National League of Cities Annual Conference March 9th, 2015

Part of the initiative requires empowering every American with the education and training they need to earn higher wages.

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