The Art Of Effective Conference Marketing

The Art Of Effective Conference Marketing

3 Key Tips for a Successful Event


In the whirlwind of modern marketing, one term stands out among others –  conference marketing. We all know that conferences are invaluable for businesses. They provide a platform for professionals to come together and share new ideas and opinions emerging in their field. 

Conferences and events can foster an environment for professional development and knowledge sharing through expert presenters and guest speakers, and they can be an ideal place for expanding your professional network. 

For years we have been running conferences, and marketing conferences for other businesses, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about how effective conference marketing can be for a business.

So, how do you make your conference stand out? Here are 3 top tips to draw in the ideal crowd for your next event! 

Create a Marketing Timeline

Planning a conference is no small feat. There is so much to consider, and failure to plan and market your event properly can lead to small, but ultimately crucial details slipping through the cracks. We strongly recommend creating a marketing timeline for your conference to avoid these mistakes. Your timeline could look something like this: 

6-12 months out: 

  • Create a list of potential speakers. 
  • Start developing a theme and key messages. 
  • Send out ‘save the date’ content through social media and email databases.

4-6 months out: 

  • Finalise those presenters.
  • Keep promoting on your company’s social media. 
  • Send out press releases and media callouts for the conference. 

1-3 months out: 

  • Finalise all logistics (catering, AV equipment, welcome packets).
  • Send out monthly reminder emails and keep promoting on social media.
  • Conduct a final run-through with presentations and events.

The week of: 

  • Send 2-3 reminders, including any promotional/giveaway information for the conference. 
  • Encourage speakers and presenters to promote the event on their social media. 

If you’re looking for experts to take conference marketing off your hands, contact The Creative Collective for professional event marketing services. 

Build that Brand!

To turn heads and boost engagement with your upcoming conference, you should focus on building a unique and recognisable brand for the event. This extends beyond utilising your company’s existing website or email marketing channels. 

Your existing marketing tools, like your company website, social media and contact database are perfect for announcing your event and publishing reminders. 

However, beyond this, linking a new website and newsletter sign-up for the event creates a brand for the conference and ensures you are drawing in genuine interest. Our web development team can assist you in crafting the perfect website for your next event. 

Get in touch with us today! 

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. This means creating signature graphics and a colour scheme for your event (ideally compatible with your company colours). 

Using these signature tools across any promotional material guarantees your event will be recognisable and eye-catching.

Don’t underestimate the importance of feedback for your brand! Post-event surveys are the best way to gain relevant, insightful feedback for your company. 

These can be conducted in multiple ways, QR codes displayed on screens at the conference, links on your social media after the event, or an EDM sent out two or three days later. However you decide to conduct it, ensure you dedicate time to analyse the feedback and optimise your brand or next event. 

Let’s Get Social!

Social media is a powerhouse in promotion. It is a must-have if you want to conduct a successful event. You want to utilise all social media platforms and use a mix of visual mediums to ensure your audience is engaged with your content. 

Leading up to your conference, promote it consistently across your socials. Advertising ticket discounts, event freebies or giveaways is a great way to boost ticket sales. If you have the budget, we recommend boosting a couple of your posts or producing some paid ad content, this ensures a jump in engagement and visibility. 

Make sure you continue to promote your event while it is happening! Filming as much of the event as possible is amazing for future content for your company. Live streaming your main speaker’s presentation is also great for engagement! Always try and include organic behind-the-scenes content, this creates familiarity and trust among your social followers. 

Want more social media tips for your event? We have a team of social media specialists ready to assist you! 

Take Your Conference To The Next Level!

In the labyrinth of conference and event marketing, where time is the currency and success is the ultimate prize, collaboration is key. For marketing managers or business owners navigating an ever-evolving landscape, a partnership with a seasoned marketing agency becomes not just a lifeline, but a catalyst for transformative growth. 

Need additional expert advice to make sure your event stands out? Our team are here to ensure a smooth event marketing experience! Reach out and start planning your next event today.