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General Manager

Michael joined our team in 2021 with a background in business leadership, sales and venture capital.

Michael started his career in the renewable energy sector initially in sales and marketing roles, and progressed quickly to leadership positions and promptly set up his own business.

After experiencing first-hand what makes businesses work (and not!), Michael branched into finance working as a General Manager in a leasing environmental trading company. During this time Michael established a sales consultancy business “24 Hour Sales Coach” which focused on delivering rapid turnaround sales results in just 24 hours. This provided an emersion into marketing funnels which produce rapid engagement and warm leads into the sales funnel.

As he worked to scale this business, he was asked to help lead the establishment of a VC Investment Fund in Melbourne.

In this role he worked alongside rapid growth business owners, connecting talented entrepreneurs with “smart-money” investors enabling them to access a lucrative and exciting investment class.

Michael is a keen triathlete and can often be found on his mountain bike, when not running behind a pram with his young son.

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