Katrina Lees has been working with small businesses for the past 8 years implementing marketing communications strategies, managing marketing campaigns and executing high quality design and print projects.

Her experience and training includes a bachelor of Arts, majoring in design and communication; being responsible for the management of a client base of 50 + at any one time; establishing, systemising and growing her creative franchise; and, she has been the driving force and creative intelligence behind over 70 brands, websites and marketing projects – all before the ripe age of 29.

Katrina has worked across a broad range of industries and sectors including retail, fashion, manufacturing, printing, property investment, real estate, business coaching/consulting, accounting and financial services. Her natural entrepreneurial skills have seen her working in management and supervisory roles since 16, and her passion for business and logical insights adds enormous value to the businesses she works with. Katrina has a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of all things design and marketing (online and offline) and high understanding of business management – the extent of her knowledge is rare amongst creative and marketing types, let alone young professionals, thus making her highly respected and recommended amongst peers.

With humble beginnings as a student doing work experience for The Creative Collective during its first year in operation (2007), Katrina was quickly snapped up as a contractor working. In 2009, Katrina became the first franchisee of The Creative Collective, establishing the Newcastle office.

In 2014 Katrina and Yvette joined forces as business partners, with Kat taking on 50% shares in the company at the tender age of 30.

Since the partnership, The Creative Collective have expanded the service offering, driven extensive growth and further streamlined client experiences with our agency.

Drawing on a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in design and communication from the University of the Sunshine Coast Kat's strengths lie in design, web development and crowdfunding. She also takes the lead on logistics, finance and operations with projects.

She has taken the lead on the research and implementation of many new systems for The Creative Collective, including mastering the art of automations, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in our processes where ever possible.

Website development specialising in sophisticated systems which include custom development and functionality
Re-branding and marketing positioning working with existing businesses to fine tune their marketing strategies
Creative Strategy
Designing and executing creative marketing strategies inline with pre-define objectives

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