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Graphic Designer

A self-confessed ‘brand and print design expert’ and ‘creative nut-job’, Jess, who is originally from Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, has worked in the advertising and marketing industry since 2008.

First foraying into design work when she took on the role of Advertising Manager and digital Ad Designer for the famous Scholastic publishing company, she has since worked as a graphic designer, studio manager and creative director for a wide range of companies including printers, agencies and communication companies.

Starting her own freelance design business in the midst of the pandemic in October 2021, with a future pipe dream to emigrate to Australia, by 2022 she had picked up freelancing work with several Queensland-based agencies, including The Creative Collective.

Following a meeting in Oxfordshire with The Creative Collective’s founder Yvette Adams in July 2023, Jess packed up the house, husband and Dachshund in August 2023, and was working inhouse as a senior graphic designer from our Sunshine Coast office by September 2023.

Jess graduated in 2015 from the University of Hertfordshire with a Diploma of Higher Education, Graphic Design and also completed an online short course at The Open University in 2019 in Design Thinking.

In her spare time, she loves hanging with her husband and dachshund dog called Loki, hitting the gym as often as she can, and getting out to explore her new country of Australia.

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