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Social Media Specialist

Claire is an experienced and enthusiastic social media specialist and public relations professional.

Claire began her relationship with The Creative Collective in mid 2019 as an intern. After completing her internship, Claire stayed on as a social media contractor where she quickly learnt the ropes and took on further responsibility. She is now a full time in-house team member and has shown a particular talent in producing successful social media competitions for our clients.

Claire graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2019, completing a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in both Public Relations and Journalism. She was placed on the Commendation List for the Faculty of Education and Arts in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and was a recipient of the University of Newcastle Undergraduate Scholarship.

In 2020, Claire completed her Honours Thesis where she researched the modern trend of rainbow washing in public relations and marketing strategy, particularly in response to the ANZ #LoveSpeech Campaign of 2020. For her research project, Claire received First Class Honours.

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