Spring Clean Your Website By Enhancing Its Speed and Reap the Rewards!

Spring Clean Your Website By Enhancing Its Speed and Reap the Rewards!

Some of you may have read our recent blog on recent changes to Google algorithms and how we’d noticed our bounce rate, and our clients’ creeping up and staying high, since May 12.

In this blog, we also mentioned that Google had released on their small business blog on June 2 further confirming this update and introducing a new tool to measure your site’s performance across devices.

It’s one thing to be able to run your site through a report and get a list of fixes, but it’s another to know how to fix them up.

In short, your website needs to be slim, trim and fast in order to perform well on search engines but also for people looking at it to have a good experience – whether they be on a desktop on mobile device.

Improving the speed of your site can dramatically improve your business results!

As we head into spring, we can’t think of a better time to ‘spring clean’ your website and get it well tuned for performing well as we head into summer.

To make things easy for you, we’re introducing some new services as follows:


Sign up for our site speed test and tune up and we will:

1/ Review your website and check your mobile friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed out out of 100, thus giving us a benchmark of its current performance levels.

2/ If you have a WordPress site, we will install a plugin which will give us further benchmarks and recommendations.

3/ We will then run some updates to:

  • Leverage browser caching
  • Remove render blocking resources
  • Optimize images
  • Minimise JavaScript (this can slow your site down!)
  • Minimise CSS (this can slow your site down!)
  • Improve server response time (you want your site to talk to your server quickly!)
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Enable compression
  • Minimise HTML – too much code slows your site down!
  • Avoid landing page redirects

The above includes up to 2 hours development time.

4/ We will then send you a report of how we have improved your scores across the board and over time (say a month) you should enjoy improved Google rankings and Analytics (improved bounce rate etc).


2. ‘Coming Out of Hibernation’ website performance report – $295 inc GST

Has your website been asleep during winter? Would you like to revive it in Spring? Let us conduct a review of your Google Analytics (must already be installed with a minimum of 1 month data available) and we will provide you with a handy report full of observations & recommendations for you to action. The report will include:

– Observations on your current levels of traffic (unique users, sessions, pages per session etc.) and whether these are high or low based on your industry
– Observation on the number of new sessions
– Observation on your bounce rate and whether this is of a concern or not (bounce rate is the number of people who arrive on your site and bounce straight off – you want this to be low!)
– Observation on number of desktop v mobile users and trends of this over time
– Observation of how your website traffic is trending (up or down) and which are your peak months if your tracking has been in place for over 12 months
– Identification of how many spam referral links you have which should be removed
– Observation of the demographic users of your website currently (only available if your demographic settings have been enabled)
– Observation of geo location of where your current traffic is coming from
– Observation of your Avg. Page Load Time
– Sources of traffic – observation of your current sources of traffic and percentages which come from various sources i.e. social media, paid search, simply Google searches or other sources.
– Recommendations — suggestions on what you could do to increase traffic/conversions on your website and resolve any key issues identified.


3. ‘Google Analytics Spring Clean’ – $295 inc GST

Have you got Google Analytics set up but want to maximise it’s performance? Allow us to implement some best practice techniques outlined on our recent Digital Analytics webinar [hyperlink to it] including:

Enable demographics so you can gain data on gender, age and location of people visiting your website
Eliminate your IP address and that of your web developer so your results are no longer skewed
Removal of up to 10 spam referral links so your results are no longer skewed (note — some websites have many more than this in place. If we
Implementation of up to 3 goals so you can track conversions on your site
Customise dashboard and schedule reports to be sent to your nominated email each month so you know how your website is performing!

Order your Google Analytics Spring Clean REPORT NOW!

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!