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With such a wide range of creative services and training on offer, it can be hard for people to understand that we literally can be ‘all [creative] things to all people’!

We thought a good way to demonstrate how we work with a huge range of clients to achieve great results that they are thrilled with was to create a case study page.

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Investor Property were looking to gain more qualified leads for their sales team to contact and follow up. They also wanted to increase their following on Facebook.


Investor Property is an an investment properties company for people on the Sunshine Coast.


Mid 2016 – current


  • Social media content
  • Facebook ads/ lead ads
  • Copywriting


Investor Properties experienced a steady monthly increase in likes on Facebook, with approximately 100 per month. We were also able to send them 198 leads in June, running at $22.5 cost per lead, which is a significant drop from almost $30 per lead. We were able to consistently generate approximately 180 sales leads per month for the internal sales team.


We worked with the Central Highlands Multicultural Festival to develop a marketing plan with a move towards more digital and social media marketing in the final weeks leading up to the one day multicultural event, to increase awareness and drive people to the event.

The Central Highlands Multicultural Festival is held at Emerald Showgrounds to promote a multicultural society by sharing in food, music, entertainment & laughter.
For the first time in the events history we uncovered key stats about the number of Facebook users from the region. Initially the client chose to manage their own social media activity, but just 5 weeks out from the event when they were not achieving the results they had hoped, they decided they would like to see what improvement we may be able to achieve.

• Reduced the cost per click by 40% in the first month, saving the client our
management fee in the first month
• Worked closely with the client to advise on social media activities and other
marketing activities to drive results on Facebook and other social networks
• Increased likes on Facebook significantly


The Float Space approached The Creative Collective for marketing assistance, in the lead up to opening the first and only dedicated float centre on the Sunshine Coast.

Considering the target markets of sleep deprived parents, pregnant women, stressed professional people, athletes, labour workers, or simply holidaymakers on the Sunshine Coast wanting to have a unique experience or wanting to boost their energy levels, The Creative Collective devised a marketing strategy involving a range of initial website optimisations including the implementation of crucial Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking codes, search engine optimisation and an integration with Mailchimp and the website forms, and then embarked on a local & lifestyle media PR campaign as well as an extensive Facebook advertising campaign.


  • To achieve positive media coverage about the company
  • To build likes on Facebook and awareness of the company in the local community
  • To get the ‘right’ people to the launch event in mid July for a successful launch event
  • To drive bookings on the website
  • To create and grow a database

Campaign period:

3 months (May – August)

Services provided:

  • PR Campaign
  • Facebook advertising


In the two month promotional period the following results were achieved:

  • Increased the website traffic by 286% (from 1,429 to 5,516 unique users)
  • 2000 Facebook likes
  • An average click through rate of 5.597% on Facebook ads (May/June = 7.266% + June/July = 3.928%) as compared to an industry average of 1%
  • An average cost per click of 0.36 per lead from Facebook.
  • Several key media pieces achieved.
  • In their first week of business the two pods in operation have been utilised 95% of the time and the company are booked out up to 5 days in advance and growing.
  • Total campaign spend net to Facebook: $784.29
  • Generated 2,455 campaign clicks
  • Reached a total of  38,197 users
  • Generated a click-through rate of 6.43%
  • The average cost per click was only $0.21

Urban Road



To increase revenue from Facebook advertising, and build domestic traffic to their website.


Urban Road are an online art and homewares shop and have sponsored House Rules previously. Urban Road came to us to find clarity on their website traffic and consumer behaviour. We started with implementing conversion tracking and goal tracking and then started a Facebook campaign, and have recently added Google Adwords.


April 2017 – current


1. Facebook Ads
2. Google Ads


Urban Road have enjoyed ongoing success with their campaign and we are consistently able to bring a healthy ROI for their budget. In just one month of working with us they experienced 168% increase in revenue from their Facebook monthly spend of $900. Similarly, their first Google Ads month had an ROI of $10 from everyone $1.



The association of Queensland Strawberry Growers (QSGA) was formed to represent the commercial strawberry growers of Queensland. The QSGA is a “not for profit” membership based organisation that provides a range of services to our members and the broader industry to encourage growth and development.

The members include commercial strawberries growers and associated businesses.

Qld Strawberries are looking to promote a darker variety of strawberry that will be released to consumers over the next few months.

These strawberries are much darker in colour and therefore may not be readily accepted by the general public, who may see them as overripe or old. As these new varieties increase over the next few years, Qld Strawberries would like help to promote new products.

Qld Strawberry Growers have announced that strawberry lovers will have a new Queensland-bred favourite to sink their teeth into this season called the ‘Red Rhapsody’ which will be officially launched at the annual Strawberry Festival happening at Sandstone Point Hotel on 19 August.


  • To promote the new range of strawberries and encourage consumer acceptance
  • Improve the online presence of the organisation
  • To educate, inform and engage consumers
  • Increase consumption of Queensland strawberries
  • Create and build a database
  • Open up international markets (longer term strategy)
  • Increase traffic to website – amount, conversions and source


August 2017 – current time


  • Public relations – regular press releases and pitches prepared and issued to media, interviews of local growers conducted and added to website
  • Developed a new mobile responsive website
  • Conducted a recipe submission campaign
  • Activated social media channels with daily posting
  • Commenced social media advertising campaigns


The first launch of a new strawberry variety called the “Red Rhapsody” was launched at the Strawberry Festival at the Sandstone Point Hotel in August 2017 which included preparing and releasing a media release, social media posts and social media advertising. Several pieces of media achieved.

We then commenced interviewing many of the local growers to prepare profile pieces to pitch to media to feature on the organisation’s website.

We also strategized and launched a strawberry competition called ‘It’s a Strawb Off!” which involved preparing a competition page on the website and doing social media posts and social media advertising to encourage members of the public to submit their best strawberry recipes. These in turn were published on the website, shared on social media and prizes given to those recipes recognized to be the most yummy.

In working on the organisations social media, which was a combination of content posting and advertising, we grew their network significantly – from only 926 likes on their Facebook page in August 2017 to 5,127 likes as of February 2018. Importantly the posts are highly engaged.

Given that most of the marketing work was conducted off season i.e when strawberries were not available, the results have been achieved are particularly successful and we are now strategizing what marketing promotion can be done for the organisation when the season launches in May 2018.

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