Silicon Valley Business Trip: Day 1

Silicon Valley Business Trip: Day 1


PHOTO CREDIT: Yvette Adams

So I’ve been in San Francisco 24 hours, after travelling a total of 29 hours, and in that combined 50 odd hours, I’ve slept only 7 of them. But I’m not tired. I’m on a massive high of where I am right now, and what I’m here for. I’ve said from the beginning that this was a business trip of a lifetime, and it is proving to be just that, even just a day in.


I’ve just come back from dinner where I got to meet the 10 other women that are on this one-week study tour to San Fran and Silicon Valley.…  Apart from the incredible businesses and entrepreneurs we are going to meet in the next 5 days there is also a hell of a lot of potential for some good business to be done within the group itself, not to mention extremely valuable connections and support. So exciting.


I’m blown away by how accessible wifi is here. Every single restaurant you go to has free and open wifi to hook into at will. And when I went to connect to the wifi at the restaurant I was just at (Town Hall), it was amazing to see tech companies I know and love such as eBay, Spotify, Disque and more come up in the list as wi fi spots, all obviously because they are based in the exact area we were dining.


Talk about a hot spot of tech companies! It’s an incredible feeling to sit there and think this is EXACTLY where it ALL HAPPENS!




Apart from being impressed with the accessibility of the wifi, I’m also incredibly impressed with the level of service Americans offer, every where you go.


Today I went to buy a data pack for back up internet access should wifi not be available (unlikely in hindsight) from AT&T. Though it was Sunday, they were very much open for business, and had a concierge with iPad in hand to welcome you in store, immediately qualify what sort of assistance I required, and then to place me a in a virtual queue. Like Dominos Pizzas in Australia I could see on a screen placed prominently in store, where in the queue I was. Whilst waiting they had funky swivel stools and tables to take a load off (which was needed given the red wine, tequila and brandy I downed the night before).

For only $50US I got 5GB of data for my iPad. Vodafone Australia were offering 5GB for $300AUD for my phone in comparison. I’m glad I sorted this out on the gorund when I arrive, and would encourage you to do so too if you are every travelling over this way.


  • Don’t forget to pre-book your seat for long haul travel or you’ll end up in row 36, seat H like me, which is the middle of the middle and about the suckiest seat you’ll ever have. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before I left. I do it every domestic flight, but forgot about it when it really counted for a long haul trip.
  • Definitely buy data in the US, not in Australia before you go. Big price difference.
  • Wifi is everywhere in San Fran. And it’s also a great way to spy on what amazing tech companies are located in the area!
  • NZ Continues to produce great films. Mt. Zion inflight on Air NZ. Thoroughly enjoyable.