Italy is synonymous with family, food, and a happy home. And Australians have long had a love affair with the quality and style of all things European — sleek cars, designer fashion, and of course exquisite art.


Now Australians can bring a touch of European style into their homes as Italian kitchen appliance brand FULGOR MILANO opens its doors for the first time in Australia with a stylish inaugural flagship showroom on Sydney’s lower North Shore, soon to be followed by other locations.

The brand’s award-winning and innovative range of kitchen appliances includes cooktops, ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, waste disposal units, washing machines, sinks and taps that combine sophisticated styling, intelligent performance and overall excellence in design.


Though the opening of the Sydney showroom represents the first time the products have hit the shores of Australia, the FULGOR MILANO brand in fact dates back to 1949 and is based in northern Italy. For more than half a century, FULGOR MILANO has beenthe private-label manufacturer for many of the world’s top kitchen-appliance brands,and has grown an enviable reputation for innovation.


Originally founded as a coal powered cooker factory, by 1955 FULGOR MILANO had evolved to producing its first range of gas freestanding cookers. The company moved into gas cooktops in 1974, electric built-in ovens in 1976, created the first glass built-in hob in 1990 and initiated the first European production of Pyrolytic self cleaning ovens in 1991 which continued on to the US market, an innovation many a keen home chef is eternally grateful for.


Since 2010 the company has also diversified into the production of steam ovens, microwave ovens and coffee machines.


Drawing on this rich history of innovation and a high level of style and sophistication, FULGOR MILANO’s launch into the Australian market place is unique in that the plan is to sell to customers direct through FULGOR MILANO branded showrooms, and not through traditional retailers.


“Usually kitchen appliances in Australia are sold through retail giants,” says FULGOR MILANO’s Australian General Manager Gil Elliott.


“You go to the retailer, and see the appliances laid out across vast tracts of floor space, often unable to turn it on or try it out, and pace the aisles trying to get a salesperson’s attention, who may well have never made a home cooked meal in their life.


“We’re setting out to offer a much more intimate showroom experience where all the appliances are connected and fully functional. We’re trying to create an ‘in home’ experience, where you will be offered a cup of coffee and can enjoy live cooking demos, browse the product range with a well informed representative of the company, and even sit down with us and have something to eat!”


Elliott says Australians are passionate about their homes and as a nation have one of the highest rates of domestic renovation in the world, yet statistics show that on average, the kitchen of the home is only renovated once every 15 years.

He also says many Australian families are not aware of the latest in kitchen technology, which has come a long way, even in recent times.


“What we’re seeing now are sleek surfaces, clean lines, and intuitive controls transforming kitchens and dining areas into open, stylish spaces that are havens for food, family, friends and fine living. A great example of this is our ceiling range hood that sits flush in the ceiling, yet features powerful extraction methods to remove cooking odours and steam while you are cooking — all remote controlled.


“We also have a lot of ‘smart’ technology featuring the use of sensors and the like. FULGOR MILANO is the only appliance brand in the Australian marketplace to exclusively offer gas cooktops controlled by a touch top glass panel, which allows gas to be turned on and off at will against a pre-program. This is perfect for achieving optimal temperatures for melting chocolate for instance, which previously has been a real challenge for the inexperienced on a knob controlled gas cooktop.”


Elliott says another popular product is FULGOR MILANO’S ‘Compact 45’ collection of appliances and products.


“This stackable range includes coffee machines, steam ovens, wine cellars, multifunction ovens, microwaves, LED televisions and complementary warming and storage drawers which are entirely ‘stackable’, meaning you can attractively configure many appliances in small spaces in a manner that will be most functional for you.”


Backed by its Italian-based parent company and with 60+ years of kitchen appliance experience, FULGOR MILANO’s team say they are ‘unashamedly Italian’ in their approach to business.


And, as their namesake suggests (Fulgor means ‘shine’ in Latin’ and Milano indicates the brand’s style, innovation and vibrant life), they hope their innovative product range and unique approach to market will see the brand indeed shine in many Australian kitchens.


The FULGOR MILANO showroom is open 10.00am — 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and drop-ins are welcome. It is located at: 60 Penshurst Street, Willoughby NSW 2068.


During its launch phase, the company is also holding evening showcase events, for busy professionals to come along after hours and enjoy cooking demonstrations and a VIP showroom experience. Bookings are essential and numbers are limited. To secure your spot or for more information, please call 1300 FULGOR or visit



A limited number of media passes are available to the official opening of the showroom on 4 March, which will feature esteemed delegates from the head office in Italy. To arrange attendance, or photos please contact Jenny Burns on 0413 876 760 or