So You’re Looking to Revamp Your Website?

So You’re Looking to Revamp Your Website?

Join our webinar coming up on Thursday 7 April 2022 and learn more…

revamp your website

In the digital world we are all living in it is essential to have a website which not only looks good, but which can easily be found, and is easy for your prospective customers, existing customers and staff to use. 

But when it comes to creating a website there are a multitude of things to consider including which platform you will build on, what features and functionality you could have and should have, how you will maintain the site, what sorts of costs you will be up for and much more.

We’ll often receive enquiries from people wanting to build a website, who start to tell us what they want their site to look like, and perhaps what images they want on it, but this is only quite a small part of the information we need in order to create an accurate quote.

If you’re considering revamping your website in 2022 and want to gain the knowledge you need to prepare a request for a quote, and to make wise decisions when it comes to contracting a person or company for your website build (whether it is us or the next person) you need to be on this session!

Come along and hear from Katrina Lees, partner of The Creative Collective (see bio below), who will share multiple real life website make over case studies, with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Course outcomes:

  • What are the main platforms for websites & how to find out what platform your website is on if you already have a website
  • The importance of getting clear on the objectives of your website before you make any changes or begin a new website project
  • Understanding how different audiences may use websites differently (and how to find out who your existing audience is where possible) and how this can guide what updates you may make
  • What is a sitemap and why it’s a good idea to create one if you’re planning on modifying your website design or creating a new website
  • Design perspectives – what web design style will suit your brand and resonate with your audience? What is a wireframe and why it’s a good idea to create one if you’re planning on modifying your website design or creating a new website, before you even get started, and the principles of good web design.
  • Technical aspects – the importance of responsive web design, security certificates, ensuring site speed and identifying and minimising site errors
  • SEO aspects – the importance of ensuring your website can be found by Google, how you can monitor your website’s health and performance. The importance of adding fresh new content on a regular basis and how to be efficient with adding new content.
  • Marketing aspects – how to review your website from a social media + marketing  perspective and what you can do to improve things, how to get your website ‘out there’ so you start getting traffic
  • Features & functionality – What is it possible to do on your website and what is involved in rolling out new features and functionality? We explore common things that websites can and should have in today’s market that can save your organisation time and money (and give your user a better experience)
  • Maintenance – what you should be maintaining on your website (not just putting up fresh content but all the technical and security aspects – updates, back ups, security software and more.
  • Free and paid tools you can use to review and maintain your website
  • DIY or outsource – Considerations when deciding whether to build or work on a site yourself or get help.
  • Costs – How much to budget for when it comes to a new website build + ongoing costs for support and maintenance

About the Presenter – Kat Lees

With over 15 years of experience creating websites, Katrina Lees is a partner of The Creative Collective, an agency who specialise in assisting not for profits. 

Drawing on a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in design and communication from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Kat’s strengths lie in branding, graphic design and web development but she is an all rounder in all aspects of marketing given her extensive and varied background so can bring many perspectives to any given website development. 

Kat has worked across a broad range of industries and sectors including retail, fashion, manufacturing, printing, property investment, real estate, business coaching/consulting, accounting and financial services.