Records you should you keep close when it comes to your website

Records you should you keep close when it comes to your website

It’s a common issue we encounter. We ask people we are working with for their domain details (web address), who they host with, what website platform they are on, and what their username and password is for the cPanel or CMS (content management system), or whether they can give us FTP access, and they look at us like we are from Mars and speaking another language!

We appreciate that this is tech speak that you may not be familiar with, however not knowing it is a lot like not knowing what car you drive. If you don’t know what car you drive (or what type of website you have), how on earth are you going to get it serviced!

Your domain name, and the ability to access your website, in many cases can form a large part of your company’s value.

If you were to buy a car, chances are you would put the registration papers somewhere safe after the purchase. And if you were to sell that car again in the future, you would know where that paper was in order to hand it over to the new owner.

So too it should be with websites, domain names and your hosting details. Here’s a handy list of all the information you should have ready and on hand for your website:



  • Domain names you own:
  • Who you registered these with:
  • Username and password to log in and administrate the domains:


  • Who you host with:
  • When the hosting will expire:
  • Username and password in to administrate your hosting account



  • What platform you are on. WordPress? Drupal? Joomla? Business Catalyst? Something else?
  • What version of the platform are you on?
  • URL to go into the backend of the website i.e.
  • Username and password to administrate your website


  • Username and password to access your cPanel

Don’t delay. Make a date with yourself to retrieve this important information above and put it in a safe place for when you need it next. Keep them in a safe place and be in a position to produce them quickly and easily when required.


Your web developer (or any future owners of your business) will love you for it!