Speaking – Motivational Youth

Are you looking for a professional and experienced youth motivational speaker to deliver a keynote, workshop, guest lecture or to MC your event?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The founder of The Creative Collective, Yvette Adams, is a serial entrepreneur having started her first business at just 17 years old, having started five more businesses before the age of 40, and is now often called on as a motivational youth speaker. She also hosts her own show featuring Australia’s best up and coming young entrepreneurs. Shorts of The show called ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ can be accessed on YouTube (see links below) or via the popular global app BRiN, the World’s First 24/7 Business Advisor powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). She also wrote a book ‘No Kidding — Why Kids Know More About Technology Than Us and What We Can Do About It’ which she released in 2014 with much media coverage.

With her appeal to young audiences and their influencers (parents, carers, teachers and more) she has been brought in to motivate and speak at many schools, fundraisers and more.

Through her motivational speaking in front of teenagers and students (as well as the people who work with them) she has inspired and informed young audiences of all backgrounds across the country and would love the opportunity to give a motivational speech at your next event too!

Yvette is a highly accomplished and versatile young motivational speaker and is as comfortable talking about her personal journey of starting her first business at 17 and selling it, as she is about her personal struggles of having people take her seriously as a young ambitious female on her way to the top.

She is also regularly called on to be interviewed by, or contribute to a range of media.

If you are looking for an experienced motivational youth speaker that will really hit the mark at your next event…