PRESS RELEASE: Young Australian entrepreneur’s wireless earphones set to revolutionise the way we listen

PRESS RELEASE: Young Australian entrepreneur’s wireless earphones set to revolutionise the way we listen

Have you ever been riding a bike, or running on the treadmill at the gym and had the annoying problem of earphones that just keep falling out of your ears, or cords that just aren’t long enough???

As a keen BMX rider, 21 year old Jonathan Zuvela found his wired earphones were constantly falling out of his ears, so decided to take matters into his own hands and develop NEXTEAR… the world’s smartest wireless earphones.

Prototypes are done, and a manufacturer in China has been sourced. All that is left is to complete the young entrepreneur’s dream is to raise the $20,000 dollars he requires to manufacture the first run of the products, which Zuvela is achieving via crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.

In just 48 hours of launching the campaign, Zuvela is already a quarter of the way to his target. With early-bird orders flooding in and pre-orders of the product retailing at just $99USD, it seems demand is strong and the product could well become the next must-have technology item.

Whilst the ultra small earphones, which pair with any Bluetooth smart device to play studio quality music are definitely the drawcard, the device also comes with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case which can charge any iPhone, tablet or Android, a 16GB flash memory, a built-in USB port, a key-hook, a LED light torch, and the ability to stream sound from your computer or TV with little to no latency.

Given the earphones are small, Zuvela has also thought ahead when planning a RADAR function which will help users find the two ear pieces to place them safely back in their case if misplaced.

The device and earphones have long battery life too. After a recharge time of just 40 minutes, users can enjoy 4 hours of continuous play back and can recharge four times via the cases built in battery, making the device the ideal investment for people who live on the go.

“If you want to have music wherever you go — whether it is on your morning run, on the train or sitting in your room streaming TV, and you are seeking quality sound with the deepest bass notes and the crispest highs NEXTEAR will impress you!” says Zuvela who heralds from Lithgow, NSW.

Zuvela says when designing NEXTEAR he wanted every user to feel the freedom and calmness that listening to music brings into our everyday lives.

The business is Zuvela’s first entrepreneurial endeavour but with the response he is getting on Indiegogo to date, it appears it won’t be his last. Depending on the level of cash raised from the exercise, Zuvela is promising further features. For instance the radar feature will only be included if the campaign reaches $50,000, and different colour ear buds and cases will only be offered if the campaign reaches $100,000 or $500,000 respectively.

The Indiegogo campaign ends on 24 May. A limited number of media samples of the product can be made available after the manufacture in October. If you are interested in receiving one of these, please complete the form here.

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Graduating from Lithgow High School in 2007, Jonathan Zuvela went on to study a Cert III in Mechanical Design & Engineering and later a Cert III in Computer 3D Design & Stress Testing at TAFE. He then worked as a mechanical fitter before starting with Above & Below Services who deliver skilled labour, operations of mining sites, maintenance of plant and equipment and the provision of critical spares and consumables. There he quickly rose through the ranks of the company, becoming a senior manager at the tender age of 21. He started his first entrepreneurial endeavour, Future Services in 2013, whose aim is to bring its customers the best in personal electronic devices and simplify the multi device generation we live in.

The first product to be launched by the company is Nextear the worlds smallest wireless earphones which will be available to the public from October 2015.

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