PRESS RELEASE: Queensland woman launches global natural mouthwash & teeth whitening brands from Noosa

PRESS RELEASE: Queensland woman launches global natural mouthwash & teeth whitening brands from Noosa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When Angela Wright’s family member had to have four teeth pulled at just age 4, she was horrified. She knew his mother was diligent and made sure his teeth were being brushed and flossed regularly, but like many kids, it just wasn’t enough to prevent irreparable tooth decay.

“Around the same time I was also researching teeth whitening solutions for myself, but as I’m quite conscious of the products I put into my body, I was looking for natural solutions,” she says.

Through online research, Wright discovered the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling, which not only whitens teeth, but also removes plaque and detoxes the body.

Oil pulling, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 5-15 minutes. This action seeps in hard to reach dental and gum crevices, and traps up to 8 billion microorganisms — bacteria, fungi and parasites in the oil, which are then spat out.
“When I started ordering oil pulling products I discovered that they were messy to use, and didn’t taste any good so the whole experience wasn’t very pleasant,” says Wright.

“The entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity to take on the global mouthwash market which to date has been dominated by giants which tend to fill their products with chemicals that have been clinically proven to have many adverse health effects.”

Over the past 12 months, Wright has sourced premium organic coconut oil ingredients from Sri Lanka, developed a revolutionary vitalock coconut oil extraction method with a biochemist in the US, sourced a manufacturer and business partner in Devon, UK and attended numerous global conferences on natural health to develop two revolutionary new products — MintyCoco and Mouth Monsters.

“Essentially they are the same product, with the difference being the packaging for MintyCoco is clearly targeting young females who are keen to improve their oral health and whiten their teeth, and which comes in 10ml sachets. MouthMonsters on the other hand is clearly targeting parents and kids as it comes in fun packaging featuring ‘mouth monsters’ and comes in smaller 5ml sachets which is the perfect amount for their small mouths. We’re also selling it with a competition to win MouthMonsters prizes and a monster ‘Spit Target’ to make the whole experience for them a fun game.”

Wright says many parents will sympathise that getting children to brush their teeth, floss, and more importantly, do a good job of it, can be difficult.

“The Mouth Monsters product will take all the fuss out of keeping our child’s teeth and gums healthy. You simply squeeze mouth monsters into the child’s mouth, and ask them to swish it around their teeth and gums for 5-15 mins — and yes you’ll get some peace and quiet during this time while they have it in their mouth! When they’ve had enough, they simply spit it out. And even better, if they happen to swallow any of it, unlike many other mouth washes on the market, it will do them no harm whatsoever.”

Wright and her global team have developed the products in two delicious flavours — mint ice cream and lip-smacking strawberry with more planned in the future if things go well.

“After extensive research we’ve chosen these flavours to ensure the products have little to no coconut taste if that’s not a taste people like,” says Wright.

Wright has been selling the MintyCoco brand via Amazon UK since late last year and is proud to already be ranked as the #1 oil-pulling product on the market, and regularly receives orders from around the world.

She is now excited to be officially launching both brands in Australia and hopes in doing so, she can tackle the oral health crisis in children.
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Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or or Zahra Haryadi on 0466 917 107.


About Mintycoco:

Mintycoco’s revolutionary combination of alkaline and natural organic ingredients clinically proven to be anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral. Mintycoco was developed by a team in Noosa, Australia and Devon, England and is a natural oil pulling mouthwash that uses a proprietary Vitalock System, which extracts coconut oil from coconuts and locks in nutrients. Using raw organic extra virgin coconut oil from fresh coconuts handpicked in Sri Lanka, and peppermint extract, Mintycoco’s ingredients are sourced from Fair-trade farmers.
For more info see:

About MouthMonsters:

MouthMonsters are the World’s Only Children’s Coconut Oil Pulling MouthWash.…  When we set out to create MouthMonsters we wanted to include the most benefits in any oil pulling formula that the world had ever seen — for children. We knew it had to be fun and taste good — so your child will use this oil pulling mouthwash every day and get all the benefits, rather than avoiding it! For more info see:

About the Team:

Angela Wright MBE — Business Partner

Angela is a businesswoman, author and speaker who is passionate about honesty, commitment and giving back, helping individuals and businesses to flourish with good health and peaceful prosperity.

From a farming family, she is deeply interested in health, and carries out a great deal of research and due diligence, including seeking clinical trials with evidence from leading scientists, physicists and medical professionals.

A Mum of five, Angela has been invited to speak around the world and honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace with the award of a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

David Wright, Managing Director

David has a degree in Biology and served on the British Antarctic Survey for three years, in Antarctica. Dad to five, David has operated many businesses and specialises in logistics, service and fulfilling promises, providing practicalities to ensure customers and suppliers are looked after.

Jonathan Bechtel, Biochemist

Jonathan’s experience is invaluable in the company’s quest for creating the most effective supplements ever. Having Jonathan on the team as an independent biochemist enables the company to develop better versions and increased results for our customers, and to source premium ingredients at the very best prices which they pass on as part of our Fair Family Prices policy. The company only work with only top quality USA or UK manufacturers, with cGMP, FDA, ISO and other relevant accreditations. We liaise with Dentists, Doctors and health professionals, check the Certificates of all ingredients, test everything independently – and Jonathan makes sure we do more to get the right formulas, ingredients and doses.

Theresa Carson, Accounts & Customer Service

Theresa is a qualified book-keeper, keen organiser, netball coach and Mum of four! Theresa specialises in making sure things happen and tying up loose ends, so that everything’s organised.

Joan Campano, Accounts & Admin

Joan provides great support making sure all the accounting and admin is right. Mum of a gorgeous little boy, Joan is always happy to help.

Amy Deeks & Sam Hembury, Helpdesk Happiness Agents

Amy and Sam provide great support to make sure you can get your questions answered. With our team in both the northern and southern hemisphere, in the UK and Australia, we aim to provide 24/7 support for whenever you need help.

FACT: The Dangers of Teeth Whitening and Traditional Mouth Washes:

Some DIY chemical teeth whitening kits contain 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, according to recent reports from UK Local Government Association. Between May 2015 and February 2016, more than 15,000 harmful teeth whitening products were seized in the UK. Instead of naturally whitening teeth, the products have created numerous health defects.

Teeth whitening is the single most requested cosmetic dental procedure by people of all ages in the United States and its popularity is still growing.
Mainstream chemical products and procedures still use harsh ingredients and include a long list of potential side effects, which may be permanent. Side effects may include reduction in the hardness and strength of enamel, damaged and inflamed gums, blistering, severe tooth sensitivity and irritation or bleeding in the oesophagus and stomach when ingested. Some chemical teeth whitening kits include carbamide peroxide solutions, which may cause rashes, hives, itching, breathing difficulties, chest tightness and swelling of the face, tongue or lips. Ironically, even with how strongly the products are working, chemical teeth whitening can cause further discoloration due to its destruction of protective enamel. There are also studies that link chemical teeth whitening to cancer.

Some of the most popular foods and drinks include sugar, processed foods, coffee, tea and red wine, which all attack the teeth. Recently, oil pulling has gained much popularity and dental professionals have been advising their patients to adopt the procedure.


Mouth Monsters

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