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Young ICT Explorers

Young ICT Explorers

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Young ICT Explorers is an NFP (not-for-profit) organisation, encouraging school aged children to put their best ICT (information computer technology) foot forward and have the chance to develop their best ICT related project. 

Founded by SAP, a German software company, the organisation encourages students to use their skills developed in ICT/digital class to create a digital project of whatever they choose.

With events being held in Brisbane, Townsville, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and online, students Australia wide have the opportunity to develop and explore their ICT skills to the highest degree.


  1. Facebook advertising


The total results of this campaign have been divided into two sections to show the improvement from the first month of the campaign to the second month. The total cost spent on this campaign was $4,500.


  • Ads viewed by 280,424 Facebook Users 
  • Total spent $2,250.08 (budget $3,375 up to 27/05/2015)
  • 2,528 of those FB Users clicked on the ad and went to the web page
  • Cost per each click to the website $0.89
  • Most viewers saw the ad 3 times (up to 5 times is OK, then need to refresh ad)


  • Facebook Page likes 1044 (+166) 
  • Twitter followers 719 (+50)
  • Pinterest followers 31 (+1)
  • Instagram followers 173  (+3)
  • Website Visits Total 4480 (+3366) 
  • 176 Facebook
  • 85 Twitter
  • 2 Google+
  • 4 Linkedin


Goal 1: Increase Engagement and Reach of posts – up by 65% on first month;

Goal 2: Grow LIKES on Page – down 7% on first month

Budget $300 per month – we have $128 remaining from under budgets over the last few months.

Notes: Unique clicks increased 75% and cost per click decreased 32%

  • Ads viewed by 20,589 FB Users 500 of those clicked on the ad
  • Total spent $493.30 (budget $300 plus $193.30 from previous months)
  • New page LIKES (Goal) 134
  • People taking action / engaging in posts (Goal) 444
  • Cost per each action $0.78

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