Wolf Rock Dive – Website Makeover


Wolf Rock Dive Centre approached us to perform a website makeover on their dated website.

Wolf Rock Dive is situated in the picturesque little beachside town of Rainbow Beach, Queensland just a 3-hour drive north of Brisbane and 2 hours’ drive south of Hervey Bay. It is at the top end of the Sunshine Coast just north of Noosa and their nearest neighbour is the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island.

Wolf Rock has long been considered one of the best dives in Australia and a must do for your itinerary if you intend travelling up or down the East Coast of Australia.

We were proud to give their website a much needed makeover and in the process were sure to showcase all the amazing ocean life divers can see if they go for a dive with the team from Wolf Rock!

Project Lead
Michelle Harris
Project team
Andrew Marks
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