Northern NSW Neurology Clinics

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Northern NSW Neurology Clinics

Website and SEO campaign

Northern NSW Neurology Clinics is a unique service which provides specialist care for brain and spine disorders. The team consists of various Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Spinal Surgeons and Clinical Nurse Consultants operating with state of the art equipment which includes Nerve Conduction Studies, EMG and EEG. Northern NSW Neurology Clinics are conveniently located around services involving multidisciplinary, and specialist care.

Northern NSW Neurology Clinics approached us for a website and SEO campaign. Upon completion, we commenced a six-month SEO campaign to improve online organic rankings.

After consulting with the client, The Creative Collective began tracking keywords every month. We were able to create extremely positive results for the brand.

As at 4 months into the 6 month campaign, we had achieved:

  • Site health is at 86%
  • 75% less errors
  • Organic search had increased from 64.03% to 75.68%
  • Page Views had increased by 69.88%
  • Bounce rate had decreased by 8.24%

Number of key words in the top 10:

  1. 3 words in the top 10
  2. 2 words in the top 3

Overall, in the six month SEO campaign we were able to make a significant improvement to organic rankings for Northern NSW Neurology Clinics.

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